Sunday, 28 April 2013

[Media Invite] Cadbury Most Marvellous' Bloggers Party

On April 6 afternoon, together with the some of the other bloggers, we on board the Joyville on a fun-filled, magical journey held at Nassim Hill. Despite the wet weather that day, all of us still look forward to what comes ahead..

The arrival of the Cadbury charter service, which they named it Joyville, surprises all of us much, just look at how adorable is the entire design of the bus, both outside and inside! Once on board, each of us were given a "boarding ticket" and props like party hats and geeky specs were seen on the seats for us, the Joyrider, to put on and start snapping pictures! =D

You may also charter Cadbury's Joyville bus with purchase of $20 or more on any Cadbury items. For booking or enquiry, do check out or call +65 62328515. Great for throwing a birthday party or even a company event!

Thanks to Cadbury that brings out the child in all of us!!
Received my very first Cadbury Marvellous Creations Chocolate bar! ^^
Miss Fruit Top giving away their Marvellous Creation chocolate bars to satisfy all Joyriders' cravings!
Because it was still drizzling, the thoughtful staffs helped to shelter us over.
The place were nicely decorated, with balloons, food (Got my fav salmon) and drinks, photo-booth as well as game booth - The Blind Tasting Booth! To blind-fold eyes and guess the correct cadbury chocolates and correct 3 guesses walked away with the super cute 2GB thumbdrive!
Here's a closer look:
Gf Maybeline was really good at games. Not only she won herself the thumbdrive, she helped a few of us to win the prize as well. She is also one of the winner for the ice-breaker game and the searching of Night-safari tickets when the piñata drops.
 What?! So many chocolates?! YES, for all the winners! =D

Meet the 3 Marvellous Ambassadors:
Brad Lau a.k.a LadyIronChef first to hit
Then Beatrice Tan's turn
And lastly, Maureen Ow with a little help to get the box opened
One of the winner, Maybeline!
Best-dressed award!

Look whose behind us?! Photo-bombed! HAHAHA!
Thanks Maybeline again for bringing me along!
Sounds fun?! YES indeed, it was the most marvellous event attended since i started blogging!
(Some pictures above credits to Cadbury Dairy Milk Singapore Facebook page.)

Marvellous Creations can be bought at all supermart at really affordable price;

                      (1) JELLY CRUNCHY BITS (In YELLOW packaging on the left)
                      (2) JELLY POPPING CANDY BEANIES (In PINK packaging in the middle)
                      (3) PEANUT TOFFEE COOKIES (In GREEN packaging on the left)

 Still feeling very happy during the journey back.