Tuesday, 2 April 2013

[Media Invite] Launch of Hearts On Fire - ILLA collection by TIANPO

Hearts On Fire - The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond, latest ILLA collection is on display at The Centrepoint atrium from 28th March to 3rd April 2013. So hurry up and head down before it's too late!

The new ILLA collection designed by Ilaria Lanzoni, with more than 17 years of experience in the field of design, was said to be inspired by the beautiful stars and constellations of the night sky during her stay in Italy. ( It must be really mesmerizing even though i have never been there before). This is her second themed pieces after the creation of Copley collection, both of which includes diamond rings, diamond pendants, diamond earrings in yellow, rose, and white gold as well as platinum. As i move on to show you some of the pieces from her latest creation, the ILLA collection, you will be surprised by how spectacular each and every pieces are! =D

ILLA Constellation Bracelet

This 18K White Gold Bracelet with 476 Diamonds weighing 40 carats and 61 Dream Diamonds weighing 28.33 carats sure is one of a kind. Perfect match with any evening gown!

( 7” in length )

ILLA Asymmetrical Pendant Necklace

This 18K White Gold Necklace with 69 Diamonds weighing 4.38 carats.

A piece designed to sparkle with any look. Thanks for it's ideal 18” light weight cable chain that makes it comfortable to wear!

(Personal top favorite!)


ILLA Comet Pendant Necklace

Another 18K White Gold Necklace with 12 Diamonds weighing 1.55 carats.

A beautiful, lovely piece. Inspired by the beauty of brilliant stars in the night sky, perfect worn from day to night!

ILLA Right Hand Ring

Stunning 18K White Gold Ring with 102 Diamonds weighing 3.6 carats.

Don't you think the design looks like a shooting star?! Oh So Pretty!!!

ILLA Constellation Right Hand Ring

This artistic 18K White Gold Ring with 58 Diamonds weighing 1.1 carat and 8 Dream Diamond weighing 1.19 carat is sure to give you all the glam and glamorous!

(Another personal top favorite!)


ILLA Cluster Stud Earrings

Their earrings are as pretty as the rest as well!!

18K White Gold Earrings with 12 Diamonds weighing 0.63 carat!

(Yet another personal top favorite!)

At the launch event..

I consider myself as one of the lucky ones, who is able to be at the launch event with the rest of the bloggers on 30th March 2013. Thanks MaybelineSim once again for bringing me along! As we reached slightly earlier, we were given a brief walk-through of all their collections by a super friendly lady! =)

Shortly after, is time for some action! =) Nope, the bloggers didn't do the hands-on but none other than the Master Diamond Cutter, Mr. Brian McHardy!! Omgoodness, rare opportunities to meet him in person! It was stated that he was the fourth-generation diamond cutter and has more than three DECADES of diamond crafting experience! WOW!! It's no doubt TIANPO's diamonds are in such perfect shapes! =)
Welcome speech + Introduction
The man behind all hard-work! Such a genius!

He taught us how diamonds were found and made and share his job experiences before he demonstrate to us the art and science of diamond crafting, a little too physics when he's too into the topic which i believe that shows the professionalism in him. He's a funny, charming guy indeed!

Raw diamonds before some work was done
Mr Brian McHardy workstation for Demo (Maybe i should post the video up?!)

 The ILLA Collection!!~
Being Bold is Beautiful

Totally feels different when its on my finger! Do i look classy now? =D 

Really can go along well with any outfit, even with just plain shirt and jeans! ^^)
Woohoo~ Our favorite piece on us, how do we look?! 

One more self-shot
Okay, one last shot! Hees!
There were other Hearts On Fire display as well, the Whimsical collection looks pretty too, especially the one with the hearts!! ( It's going to be a perfect gift for our BFF, GF and dear Mum! )

A BIG Thank You to TIANPO for the launch event and all the sweet stuffs to bring home! =)