Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Firstly, wishing all Thais a Happy Songkran Day! [13th~17th Apr] I kinda wonder why there is such water festival in the first place..

It was said that originally, people gently pour water to elders and family to give good fortune, but now it has evolved to splashing strangers on the streets with water all in the spirit of fun. Because of this, Songkran is also often called as the Water Festival. The water festival is about cleaning, purification, and fresh starts. Houses are cleaned, Buddha statues are gently washed with scented water, and elders are honored by pouring water respectfully over their hands. Dousing or sprinkling people with water signifies the washing away of bad thoughts and actions, and brings them good luck in the new year. Till date, splashing complete strangers with water has become the main attraction of the festival which add to the growth in tourism = economy boost.

Next, Sis and bro came back from their Taiwan trip last Thursday night, and besides having tons of clothes thrown into the laundry bag waiting to wash, they also bought lots of stuffs from Taiwan! The best thing about family members going overseas, would definitely be receiving gifts from them when they are back!

A gift from my sweetiex
Tried KFC New Double Down
#LOTD: Top from Bugis Village; Skirt is a gift from overseas; bracelets from Cotton On

Shorts from sis =)
Tee from bro =)
It's been long since i last spend one whole day just doing shopping, and it felt really good going on a shopping date with a gf, spending and enjoying the day together even though one whole day of walking can sure cause aching to our limbs, backs and necks! Still, worth shopping plus a great way to exercise!

Thats all for now, Thanks for reading~ Goodnight!