Saturday, 4 May 2013

[Media Tasting] Mother's Day Special - The Boxing Crab

THE BOXING CRAB - Seafood Craze
A new and unique seafood restaurant, features an eclectic mix of seafood caught both locally as well as flown-in fresh from all over the globe, comes in a variety of styles including Indonesian, Western, and Singaporean.

A hidden gem behind the Singapore Underwater World, The Boxing Crab offers delicious seafood so fresh as if they were catch from the nearby sea. One of their people's favourite, MUST-TRY dish, is the Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth and Pumpkin (refer to below pic). This dish is one of a kind in Singapore, the crabs are soused in an umami pumpkin-based broth that boils for hours before they are served. The moreish broth is peppery with a little curry-flavoured and melds perfectly with the pronounced taste of the crabmeat. With Mother's Day nearing, this signature dish is bound to WOW all mothers! Our dear mothers definitely deserve the best treats!
In the month of MAY 2013, they are having a 1 for 1 crab promotion
so diners can enjoy both the Pumpkin crab as well as other crabs, e.g. Chilli crab!

For this Mothers' Day special, The Boxing Crab have specially prepared two sumptious set menu for all families to enjoy during the period 01 May - 12 May; For family members of 4 (6 + 1 dessert $328++) OR for family members of 6 (7 + 1 dessert $428++). Also, between these period, there will be FREE additional crab (1kg) for every Mother's Day set menu ordered! WOW!~

Thankyou Brand Cellar for this wonderful opportunity to be one of the first few that is able to taste The Boxing Crab's Mother's Day Set Menu! I really enjoyed eating all the dishes served! That night, we had the set menu that caters for family members of 4 pax;

Set Menu includes...
Mother’s Day Set Menu 
$328++ for 4 persons
1. Deep Fried Spiny Lobster Salad
Refreshing and crispy lobster meat, great dish as an appetizer!

2. Braised Treasure Chicken in Lotus Leaf
One of personal favourite! It contains all the best ingredients that blends perfectly together,
love the crunchy bits of chestnut!

3. Homemade Water Chestnut Bean Curd with Spiced Meat 
I am a lover of Beancurd and anything with beancurb, i will sure tell people is NICE!
To be honest, their beancurb is really well cooked, super soft inside.

4. Stir Fried Sea Scallop and Prawn With Asparagus 
Healthy-looking dish with big yummy scallop and prawns, great for all ages.

5. Braised Chili Crab wrapped in Lotus Leaf & Deep Fried Bun
荷香辣椒螃蟹 &
This is another must-try crab, with its soft meat and gravy perfectly done!
But before we start on tasting the crab, we put on their specially-made apron as well as getting the unique utensils ready. So creative isn't it?! =)

6. Stir Fried Vermicelli with Seafood

7. Red Bean Soup with Coconut and Lotus Seed
This is actually quite a huge serving than you see from the picture.

Mother’s Day Set Menu 
$428++ for 6 persons
1. Charcoal Grill Sea Scallop with Lemon Grass Beurre Blanc 

2. Steamed Cod Fillet with Olive Vegetable 

3. Gratin King Prawn with Premium Cheese Sauce 

4. Braised Treasure Chicken in Lotus Leaf 

5. Braised Abalone and Black Moss with Baby Nai Bai  

6. Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth and Pumpkin
Deep Fried Bun 

7.Stir Fried Vermicelli with Seafood  

8. Red Bean Soup with Coconut and Lotus Seed 

Restaurant Location:
Spacious enough for big families, with both indoor and outdoor dining with serenity sea-view. 
Diners can also request for its VIP room which includes a private balcony!

Underwater World Sentosa,
80 Siloso Road, 
Singapore 098969
Tel: 6274 7760
Opening Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Getting There: Bus 1 / Bus 2 from Beach Station Sentosa