Monday, 10 June 2013

Lovely Weekend

A little personal here;
How's everyone weekend going? I had a great weekend with boyfriend <3
Went to check out the seasonal IT fair at Expo with him on Friday. Gosh,.. laptops, digital printer, digital camera and etc. these days are getting cheaper. Then head over to Changi Airport for dinner at Astons, we love their Prime Ribeye lots!! Always love drinking their Ice Tea too! #HappyFood =D
Pictures from Instagram
There was this free-to-play indoor playground called Canopy at the viewing mall (Terminal 1). Too cute i had to take a picture with it, and boyf asked me to climb in for another shot! So i did~ lolx. Those punching bags looks like marshmallows from far!
Casual outfit on a Friday

On Saturday, we had fun having Po-piah together as a family at his place, home-made by his mummy! Then mini birthday celebration for boyf, Tiramisu cake, also made by his mummy! Super yummy. Even boyf who doesn't likes to eat cakes had his serving refilled! So sweet of his mum! =D To top it up, i added the HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles!! I thought they look nice on the cake!
Happy 23rd Babyboy~
Sunday morning after the tunderstorm and heavy rain makes the sleep even more comfortable, and the afternoon cooler. Decided to follow boyf to his tennis session. =) And in return, he accompanied me to Bugis for shopping and dinner at Manhattan Fish Market!
(You seriously deserve more than just a kiss from me, my dear!)