Thursday, 27 June 2013

S.E.A. Aquarium Marine Life Park - Sentosa

So i finally get to experience seeing the World's Largest Aquarium and Acrylic Viewing Panel at Sentosa S.E.A. Aquarium, with my dear family. Thank you sis for getting those tickets! The feeling of watching the wonderful sea creature so up-close is totally different from just viewing them from images, we can hear people awe in excitement throughout the entire journey, and i really enjoy watching them. We spent nearly 2 hours inside, would be longer if there were lesser crowd (as we would probably view at a slower pace and spend longer at each stops).
First viewing panel near the entrance with random fishes, everyone was already so impressed!
While walking through the tunnel (it was just like Underwater world)
This is where visitor can get to touch the starfish and other sea creatures, we were there at 10am yet the place were already sardine pack! By the time we reached the exit, we saw the queue was super long, way longer then you see people queue for Mac Hello Kitty (Okay la, i know this a bit cheating.. because mac got so many outlets in Singapore)!
Heehee, this is the first tank we saw after the tunnel, no idea what is it, just find it super cute to look at! 
A combination of Mammal head with fish body maybe?!
Say "HI" to baby stingray, this one keeps clinging onto the glass panel!
 Pretty Coral reefs
Now, into the Dolphins world; there were 5 Indo-Pacific bottlenose in the tank
The bone structure of an actual size dolphin

Giant Crabs and Octopus
After going through so many species, we then came to the main viewing panel,
the World's Largest Aquarium and Acrylic Viewing Panel!

Big fishes glides through effortlessly in the water
With all the fishes~

Like father like son? Nah, not really...
Ending the journey with view of the Grey Reef Shark! =)