Monday, 29 July 2013

Our Girly Affair

Finally meet up with this girl after so long..
we used to meet up very often for shopping, swimming, trips or even for casual meal and chats,
However, a weekly affair has now becomes a monthly affair mostly due to work..
for this we have learn to become more understanding and appreciative of each other.. =)
Went for a walk at Bugis Village and Ion Orchard,
didn't buy much but bought 3 satisfying clothes & 2 cute stuffs!

Saw these lovely clock on display and i instantly love it and thought that it would be nice if i can place it in my boyf's bedroom,
so i bought the baby-blue one! I kinda like the yellow ones too!~ What do you think?
My loots!
i think i am feeling pink in the mood that day;
(1) Pale pink dress from Bugis village level 1 - $15
(2) Pink & white stripe skirt from Bugis village level 2  - $10
(3) Pink & white coloured sweater from Forever 21 - $33 (On Promo)

This is me making payments, very aunty i know, =X

“Shopping involves physical activity, social interaction with other shoppers. And because it is a complex task, it will keep you stay mentally active and hence live longer,” said researchers and scientists.