Sunday, 14 July 2013


Work as always, have been really busy.. it feels like there is more and more stuffs awaiting for entries and checking.. but even so, i still make time to meet up with the people i love.

Watched 3 movies over the past two weeks;
(1) Despicable Me 2
(2) World War Z
(3) Monsters University

Out of which i love Despicable Me 2 and World War Z  the most! I wasn't really much an animated film fan, but Despicable Me 2 was really awesome that got me smiling/ laughing almost throughout the entire show. Agnes is too adorable announcing her confession to her new mum! Can't stop thinking about those minions too even days after watching the movie. Too funny im gonna die!!

World War Z on the other hand, was max scary! Considering it to be one of the best Zombie show ever, even more surprising and thrilling. The chase in the movie starts early in the beginning and we could expect much during its climax. I was already covering my ears and face during the battle against the undead.

Monsters University wasn't as interesting as expected though.. Probably i've expected too much beforehand. The trailer were impressive with beautiful landscape. Perhaps they should show more on their learning journey or life reflections in the campus other than constantly challenging themselves on whose scarier which gets a little dull after awhile.

I will also be watching Welcome To The Punch in the coming week! Seems like a nice movie to me, with guns firing actions and thrill.

Had a mini buffet time with my family just yesterday to celebrate dad's birthday! A chance to gather every member of the house together, along with brother's girl and my boyf! :) because time like this are precious to me..