Monday, 5 August 2013

Shandy's Birthday celebration!

A little back-dated here..

We had a success surprise birthday dinner for Boyf's mum that was suggested by his mum's good friend, Uncle Dom and his beloved wife, Yvonne and their super sweet girl! They were all really really nice to us!!

Boyf's mum had no idea what we are up to till the last moment! HAHAHA! This is kinda exciting.. Both her children played a big role in it, especially boyf's sis, Shermaine, who puts in all the effort in covering up everything, staying with her throughout, delaying her time by helping her to doll up and strolling with her along clarke quay. While boyf is the one who is helping in fetching and gathering all the rest of us together! Well done, babyboy!

Heard they took about 2 weeks of planning but due to some changes in between, in the end they decided to just have a pleasant dinner together at Dragon Phoenix Restaurant at Liang Court. The place was a little quiet that day even though its a Sunday evening. Must be due to the location, situation at a level where not many people will go up. Their food and service were good though!

Not long after we settled down, Shermaine walked in with her mum and when we all think that boyf's mum was looking at us, Dom's family started saying "SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY In Advance"~ and tears started flowing down her cheeks! Super touched la~
Uncle Dom and his family with boyf's mum. You guys did it! ^^
Thanks for everything that happened that night!

Now,.. time for food into our tummy~
One of it's signature dish - the Yam Basket (filled with vegetarian ingredients), a really yummy dish and i do love it at first bite as it kinda reminds me of potato croquette! Doesn't taste like the usual yam at all. It's no wonder is Aunt Yvonne's favourite dish of all!

Thought that we are done after the last dish, but no... Uncle Dom's and his family actually prepared a cake, a yummy chocolate waffle cake from Four Leaves! Awesome~
Yums Yums.. Shermaine and i both had two servings each!
Okay, now a happy family shot! SMILE~