Monday, 30 September 2013

There goes September


Finally saying goodbye to my current old computer in the office today.. One of these is mine!!
 Unboxing it with the help from one of the ITD staff. He's a nice guy.
It's good to have a pack of wet wipes prepared, so freaking dusty when we took out the old ones!
The whole installation took my 2nd half of the day away.. =/
as we have to unbox > install > transferring of data > program setup > did some archiving
I ended up staying for another hour more to do some other packing and unfinished reports.
Anyway, i took a picture of my new desktop =)

28.09.2013.Saturday; Love the weather!

The best day to sleep till noon!! Meet up with the Boyf and went over to the opposite Bedok Blk 85 for brunch and then to Spex. Halfway through the journey, something is wrong with his vehicle. 
Luckily is just for a while, was a smooth ride after that.
wearing boy's tee that day

At Spex, trying out new spectacles, 
both house brand which are relatively low in pricing and still able to find us suitable pair! =)
i enjoyed the first time we make specs together,
basically, i enjoyed his presence! =D
Back to his place after dinner and received one adorable Hello Kitty bottle from his mum,
Thanks a lot!! Always loves little surprises. =)

 Woke up early today, sending the Boyf off to work,
and head home to prepare and change before traveling down to Outram Park.
Went for a massage therapy by Jean Yip at The Loft. 
The whole interior design is really nice and comfortable for the eyes.
A pool and bar at the rooftop, body wellness at sixth floor,
hair salon at fifth floor, lounge at the second and cafe at the ground level.
and then finishes off with ginger tea and red bean soup. =)

Next, went over to meet Mum&Dad,
dining with dad's colleagues. Funny at first because mum and i don't know any of them.
Anyway, main thing is to go eat because i haven't eaten anything for the day yet.
This generous Dad of mine decide to treat all of us. 
7 of us in total, i wonder if he's out of mind or just being really nice?!
I said so, because he is always working hard and seldom spend.. but he does seems happy today! =)
Sharing this tempura ice-cream with them make me feels like their little girl. =)
Reminds me of the old days..
Thank you for reading this post till the end!
Goodnight and love ya!~