Wednesday, 30 October 2013

[Food] Hot Tomato

My boyf and I had our first taste of Hot Tomato at CWP, the Causeway Point years ago. However, back then it didn't leave us much impression.. and only months back while shopping together at 313@Somerset, we saw it again and decided to settle our dinner there. To our surprise, everything was nice and the outlet provide a very pleasant dining experience. So we went back on a regular basis thereafter.

The restaurant concept is a mid-casual dining platform that aims to bring comfort, quality and price to their customers. As mentioned in one of their vision - Providing outstanding quality, service and value. Apart from the usual, they also have Hot Tomato Express to cater to those who wants a hearty indulgence while on the go, with their specially designed bistro counters for takeaways, providing convenience for their customers.

Serving western food, they specialized in grills, pasta, daily fresh sandwiches and wraps, homemade soups, Italian coffee, sweet desserts and premium Bratwurst sausages!

So here's what we've tried so far and still loving them;

(1) Ice Tea
I always love sipping on homemade ice tea but we all know that not all places can provide that same satisfying taste. Hot Tomato have got really nice ice tea to sip on.. And even though there are a few drinks choices to choose from when one opted for the set meal, i still stick to ordering their ice tea for all my dining experience at Hot Tomato.. Simply because it's very refreshing before and after meal and it's nice!

(2) Mushroom Soup & Garlic Bread
They have two kinds of soups - Tomato and Mushroom. We've tried both, and we still prefers the latter one, the Mushroom soup! No, not those traditional mushroom style, but a creamy base one. Kids will definitely love this! Generous slices of chopped mushrooms can be found that are so yummy to chew on as well. Oh, and not forgetting the garlic bread that comes along with each bowl of soup! They actually toast them to nice, crispy, crunchy ones! =)

(3) Sirloin Steak
Both of us love steak and we will always call for "medium rare" so the meat will be tender soft and wouldn't be too hard to chew on. This dish turns out really nicely! All main course comes with pasta, some greens and mushroom sauce. I exceptionally love their pasta for its very rich flavour (it does keeps me wanting more! ^o^) You can opt to change to fries instead of the usual pasta depending on your preferences.

(4) Lamb Chop
I am not much into lamb meat but the boyf said it was as nice as the others. This dish has got great tempting grilled smell, very well done!

(5) Mix Grills
This is the best combo one can ever have in Hot Tomato! It consists of chicken, pork and premium Bratwurst sausage! There was once, we were both surprised seeing how crispy the chicken's skin was cooked (as if we were having roast pork - Sio Bak) YUMS!

(6) Chicken & Sausage Pasta
This ain't anything fantastic but still good. Generous amount of meat and sauce at a really cheap, affordable price!

One of the good thing about their service, would be - short waiting time. Time is crucial, especially when people starts to get hungry and turn grumpy really quick. They were pretty fast in serving out the food too.. and even when the restaurant is crowded, the waiting queue doesn't have to wait very long.. =)

For more details, do check out their website