Tuesday, 8 October 2013


October seems like a good month for me because things are going pretty well! Here's a little updates of what's happening in my life in the beginning of the month;

Won myself a pair of preview tickets for About Time through a mini Facebook contest. Arrived in the mailbox today, one of the nicest preview tickets recieved so far, i would say. Thanks to United International Pictures! The answer to the contest was really really easy! You may think it was just a pair of movie tickets, no it wasn't just any other movie tickets to me. I've been wanting to watch it ever since i watched the trailer.. A story about chasing moments.. Rachel Mcadams' smile is so attractive! I would probably come up with movie review on this, so do visit again. :)
My first try on Smoothie King, ordered the Mango Festival. They were generous in the serving, so it turns out really thick like how a ice blended smoothie should be. Taste great and super refreshing, think its worth the money!
Got this from boyf's mum, thanks a lot once again!
Ordered this pair of watches about 2 weeks ago from Qoo10 and arrived in the mailbox today as well. Super cheap, i got them at $8.80 each! =) Luckily they fit well and doesn't feel loose on my arm.
Pictures with boyf's mum and Maine some time ago, while we queue to go into a warehouse sales in geylang. We got a few pieces and I had 3 pieces myself. Thanks again for all the lovely clothes that boyf's mum bought for us! Both mum and daughter are such nice ladies! Love you both!! ^^
 Super sunny that day..
My top-to-toe outfit was actually all from BKK, even the brown backpack! Heehee..

We stayed overnight at boyf's mum place. Josaeus is damn cute, just by looking at his smile cheer us up!
The next day, went for a relaxing day at ECP, we had picnic and cycling!

 They prepared sandwiches, bread and snacks but guess not enough so Maine and her partner went over to BK and back with more yummies!!
Thank you for the wonderful day out! =)

Alright, enough of updates.. time for rest. Goodnight readers!