Monday, 1 September 2014


Ending August with a good day out shopping with my best friend, the person i always feel comfortable shopping with.
For the first time shopping and picking up items without the need to pay for all my own buys!! And i really meant everything for the day! Thank you for all the beautiful items you got for me!!

Noticed new designs were up from Young Hearts, got a few lovely ones in pink and blue..
Also got a flora cap, flora tee, white top and navy blue romper from Cotton On and Bugis St. respectively..

While in between shopping, spotted by CK team, asking for pictures..
so we gave a pose for them which was then placed up on the board at their booth..

September's here, means taking up new role, new tasks at work starting tomorrow.
2 group assignments over for school, but still a lot more preparation to do for upcoming individual assignments..
Was down with flu too, had 2days MC and rested a full 3days.. Been feeling all weak lately..

Singapore Night Festival 2014,
went there to experience the lights up and performances with mum, dad, bro and his gf.

The effects were good but yea, super crowded.