Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hunting for Part Time Jobs in Singapore

It’s the mid-year holiday again and many students, especially in their Tertiary level, are out seeking for part time jobs in Singapore (unless they are already doing something else?).

Left my previous day job after CNY and done with those painstaking exams two weeks ago, I recently been searching for part time jobs online too. As much as I do enjoy exploring, the number of times I typed "part time jobs Singapore" into the search engine was crazy. I didn’t expect the search to be that difficult or rather, too many options from different sources that turned out in the end, I did not choose any (feeling quite lost actually).

I don’t think I am very picky though but a lot of factors still need to be considered before deciding on which offer to take on, even if it is a part time job. Things like reliability; potential company; job scope; how relevant to subject course; experience and skill; and any positive or negative impact have to be taken into consideration other than flexibility and pay. Even so, one should not be afraid to start gaining work experiences early nor be afraid to handle new work challenges, as such part time work experiences help you build up skills and make individual stronger.

Recalling my past job experiences with my first job as a service crew in a Japanese food chain after my O’s. It was tough but most of the time was fun to work in. Together with the rest of the crew, we tried to make sure the daily operations of the restaurant runs smoothly and we experienced the rush during peak hours (just like playing Dinner Dash). Thereafter, I also tried other different jobs such as banquet services; helper at Singapore Zoological Garden; Crowd Puller; Sales; Promoter; Beauty advisor; Event helper; Butler; Typist; Convocation gown helper; and Cashier, before I worked as a full timer in an office. Among which, being a beauty advisor is what I love most. A short 3 weeks job but a lot of memories and I think I enjoyed reporting to work every single work day. Probably because I enjoyed dressing up to work and that we are allowed to put on colourful eye-shadows and have crazy hairdo! LOL! Above all, I am glad that I made friends that last through these part time jobs.

Now… back to my initial concern about sourcing online for part time jobs for students. I will be looking into a good, user-friendly yet reliable and effective jobs portal. Till then. :)

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