Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Clouvera® offers SendQuick® ASP & Clouvera Partner Program (CPP)

Went for a cozy session with Talariax at their office some time ago and i got the chance to have a view of what's running at the backend; an instant Short Messaging Service (SMS) Messaging portal and in a cloud communication environment. Both of these platforms offer user-friendly interfaces.

SendQuick® ASP was introduced to provide businesses an instant SMS Messaging portal that promises an innovative messaging platform to meet the organization's marketing and communication needs. The reliable and fast sending of SMS messages coupled with its high affordability would allow customers to gain a competitive advantage.

We are all familiar with SMS messaging technology and it is regarded as one of the best tool as a form of communication between people. This is essential for all businesses where there is an increasing need for communication and the utilization of SMS within enterprises would allow for two-way transactions and subsequently improved inter- and intra-company communication. It also provide a timely response for optimal productivity. Last but not least, it is a lower cost alternative that yield a higher revenue.

On the other hand, Clouvera® is a cloud based monitoring service deployed and managed by Talariax Pte Ltd, an award winning company for SMS and notification solutions.

Clouvera® provides businesses a complete visualisation of the condition and performance of its IT infrastructure. Coupled with Out-Of-Band SMS (Text) Alert technology, Clouvera® equips the Enterprise with instant communications whenever a requirement calls for it.

An affordable solution with these effective features:
- One Solution For Everyone
- Ping checks for connection latency
- Port checks on connectivity with applications
- Url checks for web and e-commerce availability

Usage applications and scenarios:
- Determine on the availability of your servers and applications for continual business uptime.
- Ensures that your e-commerce website is up and functional to cater to your customers.
- Enable checks to security systems operability in preventing threats and malicious activities.
- Ensure that your email is always available.

Interested businesses can sign up for the Clouvera Partner Program (CPP), which is designed to develop a selected community of business partners, with the competency and commitment to sell, integrate and support Clouvera® in various markets and industry verticals. The program offers an attractive pricing structure, marketing and technical support from Talariax Pte Ltd.

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