Monday, 30 November 2015


Because there are times when we still find drinking plain water a challenge (unless extremely dehydrated) even though water is essential to our daily life.. Back in my teens, I used to dislike drinking plain water too and would turn to drinking bottles of fizzy drink whenever i have my meals! Even till today, Coca Cola is still one of my favourite drinks that is really satisfying to drink! Sadly, we all know how important it is to minimise carbonated soft-drinks intake or best, not to have them at all because they are in no way good to our body! (But how not to resist them, right?..)

A brilliant creation, F&N unveils the New ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water in Two Alluring Flavours:

Lemon & Grapefruit

Singapore’s No.1 brand for bottled water ICE MOUNTAIN's introduces NEW ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water that is concocted to give everyday Singaporeans the sparkle boost from within that uplifts the mood and rejuvenates the senses. Devoid of sugar, artificial sweeteners and colouring, ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water is set to captivate the palate with an infusion of lemon or grapefruit flavours.

Even better, ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water offers zero calories! So every sip of ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water's bubbling sensation is guilt-free! =)

A dose of fizzy goodness is often what we need to quench us on a hot day! So treat yourself to a guiltless indulgence with the new ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water, with a hint of crisp Lemon or Grapefruit and invigorating bubbles! A great alternative drink with a meal and even better to cool down on a long hot day, giving our body the same hydrating attributes required for optimal health. :)

Between the two infused flavours, i would prefer the one with Lemon which relates closely to Lemon water (everyone is so into drinking Lemon water these days).. While the one with Grapefruit has a very interesting taste i am not very used to when i had my first sip. Probably you will prefer the Grapefruit since different people holds different preferences. :)

Each bottle of ICE MOUNTAIN Sparkling Water (375ml) retails at a recommended selling price of $1.20 at leading supermarket and at $1.90 at selected convenience stores. For more information, visit

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