Monday, 11 January 2021

[Food Tasting] Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅 in The Great Ballroom At Hotel Re!

One of a kind premium steamboat restaurant, Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅, serves a speciality hotpot spread that is what seems resembling those royalty feast enjoyed by emperors and empress in ancient Chinese imperial palace. 

Located at The Great Ballroom at Hotel RE! in Outram, Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅 features soup bases made from scratch, double-boiled, and simmered for hours on the stove. Diners here can feast on a variety of meats, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, soy-based delights, and many more! 

I was there last November, joining both Jessie and Jasmine for a tasting session. It was an evening at that time and the place was almost full. The restaurant, being in a ballroom, provides a clean, spacious and posh dining setting. 

Staff at Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅 were attentive and nice. We like how they offered to serve us their specially-mixed dipping sauces for the additional punch of flavourings. 

They have freshly homemade Boba Milk Tea in their drinks menu too! Among all, their Matcha-flavoured Milk Tea is my favourite.

Steamboat which is also known as Hotpot uses traditional cooking method much enjoyed by many (typically the Chinese), both young and old. It is prepared with a simmering hot pot of soup and assortment of ingredients. At Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅, there is a wide selection of soup base including the premium ones such as the;

Buddha Jump Over The Wall that is infused with nourishing herbs and finest ingredients, 

Yanxi Treasure Pearl Soup that is boiled for 8 hours with different types of rice and Seafood, 

Imperial Elixir Youth Soup that is double-boiled and is rich in collagen.

Each table can choose up to 3 soup base and I noticed that all the broth served comes with a generous amount of ingredients in them which gives the rich and thick flavours. The taste of the broth is solid enough to enjoy even before we add in any other ingredients. This allows us to start off our meal with a bowl of wholesome hot soup of our choice.

Most of the dishes in their menu are prepared in-house and specially handmade with fresh ingredients.

One of the most anticipated turns favourite dish to have is their Seafood Lollipops! 10/10 for the presentation and the taste! I am actually not a Seafood fan but this is really good! Pastel cuttlefish paste, nicely moulded and served on a wooden tray. We were told to dip it into the hotpot broth as soon as it was being served as it will soften and may slide down after some time. The dipping doesn't take long and the taste was as good as it looks. It was also soft and melts in the mouth! 

These crispy Pork and Salted-Egg Fish Skin were pretty addictive to snack on. 

Their Organic Handmade Rainbow Noodles are so pretty and smooth in texture. 

Another beautifully-crafted dish is their Rose Tofu. However, I didn't quite fancy it's texture and taste as it is more like Jelly than Tofu and I'm not really a fan of Jelly too.

For the more adventurous foodie, one can try their Rose Beef Tongue, placed delicately in the shape of a rose. 

The Beef slices and other types of meat slices were of premium quality! 

My second favourite dish goes to their Diced Beef which is great in taste and texture!  

We are delighted that the Minced Meat are homemade and tasty too! We enjoy eating their Minced Shrimp with Water Chestnut which consists of crunchy bites of freshwater Chestnut. 

Their huge serving of Seafood Platter includes fresh, premium seafood on ice, great for Seafood lovers! 

Even their Desserts match with the whole Yanxi Palace theme. Among the three flavours, we loved the Osmanthus Ice Jelly, coloured in blue-purple tone, with dainty edible flowers. 

Now with the expansion of the maximum number of people allowed per dine-in table and a brand new year to look forward to, there are more reasons to gather your family and friends to enjoy a wholesome, quality steamboat such as the one at Yanxi Palace Steamboat 宴喜宫火锅 with more than 100 over items to enjoy!

Head over to their Facebook page for Menu, Prices and Promotion! 

Facebook Page:

Address: 175A Chin Swee Rd, Singapore 169879 

For reservation, please contact 8858 9711

Sun- Thurs:12pm - 12.30am

Fri, Sat, PH Eve and PH: 12pm - 2am