Sunday, 28 June 2020

[Beauty Review] Chando (自然堂)

Go natural with top-ranking C-beauty brand, Chando (自然堂). Originated from Shanghai - China, Chando upholds the Chinese philosophy of harmony between humans and nature, combining natural ingredients into its high-tech products, producing environmental-friendly products.

Despite the current epidemic situation, we have seen that the Chinese entertainment industry and digital social app (such as TikTok) continue to gain popularity in the market. Thanks to these media exposure seeing how gorgeous those celebrities look, C-style and C-beauty within the beauty market is on the rise too. With that, I am excited to try out Chando's products upon receiving the media drop.

Enriched with the natural ingredients sourced from the Himalayas, Chando's has a range of beauty products suitable for Asians skin types.

Thoughtful hydrating Himalaya Plants Series Mask in a unique hexagon Zero-waste smart design allows user to maximize the use of every drop of the essence. Eco-friendly Plant-based Microfiber Mask made the skin feels relaxed and breathable. The scent is light and calming too.  

Chando's nourishing fragrance hand cream infused with plant oil extracts has a refreshing scent and does not feel sticky on my skin.

Made of Himalayan Pomegranate and Pink salt with Ice-Coating Photoluminescent Toning Technology, Chando's Macaron gradient powder blushers come in six different shades. It is light and easy to apply. I am using shade no.6 Nude Brown for a natural subtle makeup look. What do you think? ⁣

Chando's products can be found on Shopee - Chandosg (, the only certified Chando flagship store in Singapore.