Wednesday, 17 July 2019

[Food Tasting] Curry Party at FU XIANG SIGNATURES !

We had a tasty and fun interactive experience when Jessie and i attended the food tasting and cooking session at Fu Xiang Signatures, VivoCity Food Republic.

Owned by a pair of young twin brothers, Edric and Edwin, Fu Xiang Signatures is a place to be for a traditional good bowl of Curry with heritage passed down from generation to generation.

Fu Xiang Signatures is best known for its Award Winning Curry Chicken, started out in the 1990s, from a small stall in a Coffee Shop, and has since expanded islandwide in Singapore.

I am not sure about the rest but the outlet at VivoCity Food Republic has a standalone section with its own dining space with WiFi available.

While waiting for the session to start, i walked around to appreciate the setting and also check out its menu. Great value meals available all day, everyday!!

Cute Snacks corner they have!

The tasting session started off with " The Perfect Curry " which was made using a special blend of 21 secret spices and herbs, a total of 9 hours of hand preparation (including their in-house Chilli Paste) and an hour of dedicated cooking.

Every bowl of Curry Chicken set includes a drumstick and thigh meat that has the perfect tenderness. The Curry is a tad spicy for both Jessie and myself but tasted really good and aromatic. A Must Try for all Curry lovers!

Emperor Cream Sauce Chicken is a dish of crispy yet juicy chicken chunks in rich, savoury cream sauce. A dish that can be enjoyed by both the adults and children as the sauce is less spicy and sweeter as compared to Curry. I personally enjoyed eating this, a wonderful pairing of Fried Chicken chunks and creamy Curry sauce!

Chicken Biscuit Curry is a very unique recipe where the chicken cutlet was battered with crushed biscuit crumbs and the texture turns out great and goes well with the Curry sauce too.

Another unique recipe that was introduced to me is the Sambal Crispy Pork. The Chilli Padi on top was fried to dry and the Pork was marinated with Prawn Paste so as to give a spicy and flavourful taste. (They say it as a taste very similar to Har Cheong Kai Chicken.)

Well prepared, Juicy Pork meat with crispy Chilli Padi!

Last but not least to our tasting session was this huge serving of the Singapore Curry Assam Fish Head. A highly anticipated dish that everyone was dying to taste. The gravy was appetising with the added Assam and it goes very well with a plate of fragrance white rice!

I am really grateful to have tried some of the many signature dishes at Fu Xiang Signatures and i enjoyed each and every hearty dishes prepared.

To spice things up a little, owner Edwin who is also a Chef himself, hosted a cook-off session before serving the above dishes and letting us all to have some hands-on making Salted Egg Cream Sauce.

Ingredients used :
- Butter / Margarine
- Mashed Egg Yolk (about 20 Duck Egg)
- Sugar
- Evaporated Milk
- Curry Leaves
- Chilli

Honoured and a pleasure learning how to cook from the humble and fun Chef Edwin! Check out Fu Xiang Signatures' Instagram Profile where there are videos shared teaching simple cooking.

We were told that the sauce made can be use to pair with simple food like Fried Chicken or a sauce for Pasta.

Thank you Fu Xiang Signatures !!

Currying Traditions Since the 1990s, Fu Xiang Signatures is currently located in various Food Republic, islandwide;
- VivoCity
- 313 Somerset
- Parkway Parade
- Lido Shaw Centre
- Causeway Point
- Jewel Changi Airport (NEW!)

For more information, visit and follow them @FUXIANGSIGNATURES on Instagram and WWW.FUXIANGSIGNATURES.COM .

Friday, 12 July 2019

[Media Invite] F&N Magnolia @ the MiniBAR, Centrepoint

F&N Magnolia Ice Cream has been around for many generations and is a trusted provider of great value, fun and innovative ice cream products for everyday treats and special moments for 82 years since 1937.

Fans of Magnolia Ice Cream can now pick up and enjoy their favourite Magnolia Ice Cream from the swanky new MiniBAR at Centrepoint, reliving memories from the late 60s where Magnolia Snack Bar at the old Capitol Building was a hit with Singaporeans both young and old, serving ice-creams, milkshakes and cakes.

This collaboration with F&N Magnolia Ice Cream allows the MiniBAR to serve recipes inspired by the famous hawker sandwich ice cream, as well as our favourite local desserts and signature ice cream cocktails. The menu offers Instagram-worthy concoctions to customers who drop in at the Magnolia serving counter at the front of the MiniBAR and also to those who want to enjoy their favourite Magnolia Ice Cream, perched on a seat in the MiniBAR with a view of the busy Orchard Road.

Specially prepared on media event day, their welcome drinks for the media were really nice! Blended Magnolia Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut Water. Refreshing and sweet!

And below are the in-house special of Magnolia at the MiniBAR serving at great value, price starting from S$2.50 Nett.

Traditional Dessert Reimagine
Singapore popsicle on cone.
- Mango Sago Ice Cream
- Mao San Wang Durian Sago
- Teh Tarik Dinosaur

Popiah Ice Cream Roll
Ice Cream in Popiah skin with choice of Nutella sauce or Gula Melaka sauce.

Rainbow Pressed Sandwich
Ice Cream Sandwich.

Wafer - Single Hawker Cut
Choice of Peppermint Chocolate or Yam Ice Cream

- Available for dine in only. Taro Milk shake with Pandan Cake.

Signature Ice Cream Cocktails are also available if you prefer to have Alcohol with Ice Cream. Price starting from S$16 each with any 2 for S$22.
- Magnolia Passion
- Bangkok Sour
- Yin Yang
- Winter Wonderland
- Icy Grasshopper
- Purple Dream
- The Geisha

Friends and i really enjoyed our time here at the MiniBAR. We all love the decor, the deck, the bar, and of course the Magnolia Snack Bar. Thank you for having us all and we look forward to another wonderful session here!!

For more information, do check out and .


Tuesday, 2 July 2019

[Media Invite] Weekend 'Oh Crab, it's Back! Seafood Buffet' at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road

Spice Brasserie at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road is serving fan's beloved weekend seafood buffet - 'Oh Crab, it's back! Seafood Buffet' for lunch on Saturdays and Sundays and dinner on Fridays to Sundays, since May until 16 August 2019.

The buffet spread is amazing with a wide selection from hot to cold dishes. Expect fresh catches of seafood, an unlimited servings of restaurant signatures including Stir Fried Slipper Lobster Black Bean Sauce and Chili Crab with Mantou. The expanded dinner buffet will serve a feast for crab lovers with fiery Black Pepper Crab and the creamiest and the most fragrant Salted Egg Crab, alongside irresistibly tasty creations like the Oatmeal Prawns with Curry Leaves. I personally really love the tasty Salted Egg Crab and the crispy Oatmeal Prawns with Curry Leaves. 

Other seafood selections include the Whole Sea Whelk, Black Mussel, Marinated Stone Crab Claw, Seasoned Jelly Fish, Baby Lobster, Scallops on Shell, Marinated Clams, and many more. 

In addition, there's Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi and Swordfish sashimi at the Japanese cuisine station!! In the same station, Sushi and Soba is also available and i am loving them all !! 

Other live stations include Omelette, Penang Assam Laksa and Yong Tau Foo !! These live stations changes and differ everyday so diners can feel fresh and/or surprised. 

As PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road is located in Singapore Little India district with rich culture, diners can also expect selections of some common Indian food. 

Apart from all of the above flavoursome line-up, there is also other mouth-watering hot dishes such as the Slow Roast Beef with Gravy, Steamed Whole Seabass Hong Kong Style and XO Seafood Bee Hoon!! The list goes on..

Salads and fruits!!

The desserts station is a section full of yummy sweet treats with the assortment of desserts such as Durian Pengat with Sticky Rice, Pulut Hitam, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and even Muah Chee!! Im lost and spoilt for choice with the wide selection of food and desserts.

Look how beautiful the colours were with their display of desserts and I am loving those Kuehs too!!

New addition in the house, their DIY mocktail bar lets diners enjoy and customise personal concoction with a delicious selection of refreshing sodas and flavoured premium syrups such as Yuzu, Mango and Blueberry, and top off each drink with condiments like Lychee and Sour Plum.

Ended the night with a scoop or two of ice-cream with toppings available at the side.

I am glad that Jessie agreed to join me for this tasting experience where we get to share and enjoy the food together. I also like the space and the huge seating capacity here at Spice Brasserie, a very family-friendly place. 

From 17 May to 16 August 2019, lunch on Saturdays and Sundays are priced at SGD48 per adult and SGD24 per child (Below 12 years old), and SGD58 per adult and SGD29 per child (Below 12 years old) for dinner on Fridays to Sundays. 

@PARKROYALKitchener #ShareYourMoments #OhCrabItsBack 

Spice Brasserie
Lunch: 12noon to 2.30pm (daily)
Dinner: 6pm to 10:00pm (daily)
Address: 181 Kitchener Road, Lobby Level
Phone: (+65) 6428 3160

[ Advance reservations are required. ]

For detailed prices and terms and conditions, please visit /