Sunday, 13 December 2015

[Media Tasting] Zi Char Dishes At Guan Kitchen

Back at River Valley Road and this time to try out the food from Guan Kitchen's newly launched menu! Guan Kitchen is a chinese restaurant that purveys an array of delectable zi char dishes at affordable prices. Customers can savour the mouth-watering cuisines in a new-age, air-conditioned interior! The cuisines are artfully plated, and the presentation is western-inspired.

A warm, cosy place great for families' and friends' gatherings. Larger parties can ensconce themselves around the two round tables, each accommodating up to eight persons. The kitchen is helmed by Malaysian chefs, who collectively have over 15 years of experience. Guan Kitchen is an interesting east-meets-west juxtaposition!

As soon as we settled down, starters was served. Crisp Fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk (S$15). The enticingly fried fish skin is coated with the luscious salted egg yolk and gives a crunchy bite! Each fish skin is thinly sliced and prepared with seasoning imported from Nanyang. Small amounts of Chilli Padi was also added in to liven up the taste a little more!

The Sautéed Lotus Roots with Macadamia (S$15) and a mix of peapods, carrots, and celery, tempers the other dishes with its light and refreshing taste. A plate of comforting, great munch before the mains!

House Special - Red Grouper Soup with Pickles (S$38) has a light, tangy flavour which is very appetising for me! Fresh fish slices in a generous portion is surely a warm and hearty serving for all!

Next, the Deep-fried Pork with Fermented Bean Paste (S$15) is juicy, unctuous and fragrant. The fermented beancurd heightens the pork belly’s flavour with its briny taste and also lends an appealing reddish shine to it. It is also finished with the aromatic Hua Tiao Chiew rice wine.

Signature Dish - Lemongrass Pork Ribs (S$22) is enlivened by the tangy and invigorating flavour of lemongrass, a requisite ingredient in Asian cuisines. The combination of Malbec and secret sauce creates a truly transcendent flavour. Chopped nuts add another depth of flavour to the dish. I would prefer the meat to be a little softer though..

Favourite Dish - Homemade Preserved Radish Beancurd (S$13.80) is a comforting offering that features a mound of salty and fragrant radish atop a silky beancurd. The beancurd is first fried to a golden-brown exterior —the skin is ethereal and thin. Then it is rested in a pool of moreish sauce. My friends and i all love it!

Other mainstays here include the Assam Fish Head (S$32); Chicken Soup with Chinese Yam Ishinabe – Half Chicken (S$25); Black Pepper Tenderloin (S$28); and Pig Trotter Bee Hoon (S$13). Vegetarians can eat to their hearts’ content with dishes such as Vegetarian Fried Rice (S$5.50); Scaled Chinese Spinach (S$13), and many more..

Guan Kitchen's house specials changes daily so gourmands can expect new surprises each time they visit the restaurant! Guan Kitchen also has an arsenal of premium wines. Wash all the yummy food down with red and white wines such as Trapiche Pure Malbec (Argentina), Mandarin Duck Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand).

Diners here can surely enjoy hearty Zi Char dishes in a modern setting at Guan Kitchen with familiar and comforting Chinese-style cuisines that remind one of home. The portions are generous and yet affordable!

Address: 225 River Valley Road, Singapore 238283
Operating Hours: 11am to 12am
Telephone: 6333 6003


End my post with pretty pink daisy flower i got from the office on the same day..

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