Tuesday, 24 October 2017

[Media Review] Gryphon Tea Co.’s new tea series - Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Teas

Gryphon Tea Co.’s new tea series - Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Teas not only provides a "younger and sexier" look and feel, it is also a lightly sweetened sparkling tea series which sure to excite one's taste buds!

This new series made its first unofficial appearance at the Singapore Coffee Festival in August and had already won over coffee lovers. At the festival, the tea company’s booth saw four days of long queues with at least 20 minutes waiting time. It eventually had two out of its three flavours sold out by the end of the run and had to be restocked to cater to the high demand.

These beautifully designed Instagram-worthy sparkling tea carries no artificial sweeteners, colourings and artificial flavourings, the cold brew is lightly sweetened with the addition of real fruit juices. Tea and non-tea drinkers alike can surely take delight in these teas. And as with all natural teas, you’ll be happy to know that the sparkling tea boasts an array of health benefits. This invigorating tea helps to balance your body’s pH levels while hydrating and rebuilding your cells with powerful antioxidants.

Keeping the same goodness from its Artisan Selection parents so as to maintain its premium taste, this new series are "younger and sexier". Using Gryphon Tea’s award-winning teas, each artisanal batch is cold-brewed at 4°C for a total of 12 hours using a proprietary extraction method. It stays true to the philosophy of artisanal brewing, where careful control of the entire process is key to a quality product.

If you have yet to try out this solid brew of a bottle, you might be missing out. Gryphon Tea Co.’s
Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Teas are available in glass bottles. Flavours include Pearl of the Orient with Lychee, Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry, and Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit.

Pearl of the Orient with Lychee
"Take delight in this multi Great Taste award-winning blend boasting flavours of jasmine green tea with luscious Moroccan rose and sweet tropical lychee. Crafted from fine picked leaves, this Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling tea balances the delicate aroma of powdery pink rose with a juicy finish of lychee fruit." 

Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry
"A classic re-imagined in its in its finest. A velvety nose of fresh bergamot, lavender and vanilla serves up a fashionable encounter with a sparkling twist. This Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling tea is set to excite your taste buds and soothe your senses." 

Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit
"With a honeyed touch of floral aroma, this Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling tea leaves you with a soft palate of nectar led by the ethereal fragrance of Osmanthus flowers, accompanied by light acidity of Passionfruit."

Each bottle retails at S$3.80 (excluding GST) and will be available on Gryphon Tea Company’s
webstore and selected cafés: Marmalade Pantry, Relish Burger and The Plant Story.

For more information about Gryphon Tea Company, please visit www.Gryphontea.com or  Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Gryphonteacompany. Instagram @gryphontea