Saturday, 3 March 2018

[Media Invite] Aloha Poké Opens At One Shenton!

Aloha Poké opens its sixth outlet at One Shenton, following other outlets around the city area from Amoy Street to Marina Bay, Raffles Place, CityLink and Bugis!

Having attended the media opening, i get to witness their usual ceremony culture of fish cutting done by the very skillful Chef Michael! The fresh salmon was then added into the Yu-Sheng specially prepared by the outlet as a Chinese tradition to enjoy during the Chinese New Year season. Thankful to Aloha Poké, we get to enjoy this wonderful fresh salmon that very night!

Poké (pronounced as "poh-kay") is a Hawaiian staple and the choice food of surfers in which seasoned Ahi Tuna tossed with toasted sesame seeds, sweet onions and scallions are the common ingredients. Aloha Poké is the first dedicated Hawaiian poké bar in Singapore, offering customers a casual and interactive dining experience. The first outlet was opened in October 2015 at 92 Amoy Street and was established by two Singaporean couples who discovered a love for poké while vacationing in Hawaii.

Aloha Poké fans can order the popular power lunch bowl of fresh greens, white or brown rice, with a generous serve of sashimi grade tuna or salmon prepared in three signature flavours of original, Wasabi Mayo and Spicy; topped off with an equally generous choice of superfoods (including avocado, pomegranate, edamame, and flying fish roe just to name a few). Both its salmon and tuna are from Norway, Tasmania, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The newly added flavour in this outlet is the Chilled Cooked Seabass Poké in original sauce, a delectable option for those who would prefer cooked fish, served with the usual power greens and accompaniments.

Among the tried and tested seasonal flavours, Mentai Salmon is a favourite serve and will soon be added to their regular menu.

In place of fish, vegetarians can have the option of Nutty Sesame Tofu.

In addition, fans can look forward to new poké flavours as daily options such as the Kimchee Tako (octopus) and the Black Pepper Tuna.

Customer can select from three different sizes to complete their meals, starting from $11.90, the Lil Swell, the Standard Bowl and the Big Kahuna. One can also enjoy a perk-me-up drinks including Cocoloco (coconut water) and cold pressed juice from Juix Up!

I picked the Tropic Frolic cold pressed juiced which tasted really refreshing and soothing and paired it with a standard size bowl of poké. Spicy Salmon on white rice with avocado and edamame was my choice! It was delicious and i love how every ingredients they gave was so well-portioned and beautifully presented. A great choice of food that is able to filled your tummy at any meal-time!!

So glad Rachael was there for the opening and i had the chance to catch-up with her abit!

For more information, do check out

Aloha Poké at One Shenton
1 Shenton Way
Singapore 068803
Opening Hours : Daily from 11:30am - 8:30pm

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