Friday, 25 September 2015

[Media Invite] Met MASTERCHEF ASIA's Judges and Contestants in Singapore

Lifetime brings together 15 aspiring home cooks from across Asia in the first season of this pan-regional, English version of Masterchef Asia. Judged by Hong Kong-born, culinary genius Susur Lee; 3-Michelin Starred chef Bruno Ménard; and Singapore-born, Audra Morrice, a MasterChef Australia finalist. From the MasterChef kitchen to off-site and overseas challenges, the 15 episodes will culminate in one home-cook winning the title of the first ever MasterChef Asia winner.

Season 1 is presented by the Singapore Tourism Board and Knorr, in association with Panasonic, Changi Airport Group, Carlton Hotel Singapore and Air Asia.

Just before MasterChef Asia premieres its first episode (3rd September, Thursday at 9pm on Lifetime (StarHub TV Channel 514), a line of activities were put up at Nex Atrium, Serangoon for the public. These activities include;
- the iconic MasterChef Asia Kitchen Exhibit,
- Facebook Live Q&A with the MasterChef Asia Judges,
- and MasterChef Asia meet-and-greet session with the judges of the first-ever MasterChef Asia, Susur Lee, Bruno Ménard and Audra Morrice; as well as Singapore contestants Woo Wai Leong, Sandrian Tan and Lennard Yeong.

So my friends and i went over to Nex on 29 August 2015, Saturday to witness the live cook-off as the three contestants: Leong, Sandrian and Lennard battle it out in the iconic Mystery Box challenge. Many supporting viewers surrounded the stage area to get the best view and up close of them. This is said to be the first-ever live Masterchef experience for us in Singapore!

When asked to compare their feelings towards such live show and behind camera. The contestants mentioned that such live show are less stressful because there will not be any elimination. All of them burst into laughter after that. While waiting for the food to be ready, the judges and MC also did some interactions between themselves and the audiences. The judges were very friendly and lively which made the whole session very enjoyable to watch!

This is Leong who enjoys reading about food and experimenting with basic ingredients. He quits his job as a lawyer and hopes to find fulfillment in a career as a culinary professional.

This is Lennard who prides himself on his keen aesthetic sensibilities and plating skills.

This is Sandrian Tan, a homemaker who started cooking at a very young age. The humble dish she presented during the live Mystery Box challenge also wow-ed the judges and made her the winner.

Over at the MasterChef Asia's kitchen showcase with 2 workstations and similar set up, ingredients and tools displayed are real and fact sheets are available for viewers to get to know more.

Feeling happy to have a picture with the judges of Masterchef Asia! Thank you!

I always enjoy watching MasterChef Asia with my family at home. The first four episodes were all very exciting and i look forward in watching the rest of the episodes! =)

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