Thursday, 11 February 2016

SPRG & Friends!

Had a taste of Spanish cuisine some time ago and it was superb.. Much thanks to Sam (whom we know her from SPRG), as well as Jessie and Jas Jas who asked me along. Lunch settled at Sabio - By The Sea ( The very beautiful Sam treated us all that afternoon. =)

Jas Jas & Jessie,

Ordered a jug of refreshing Sabio's Sangria. =)

Thinly sliced Spanish Ham! *YUMS*

Tortilla Espanola con Chorizo (Smoked)!

Crispy Croquetas (Hot Tapas)!

and shared the hearty main dish together - Paella de Pescado!

Beautiful day at Sentosa Cove =D

On a different night, SPRG had their 10th anniversary celebration held at CATO Singapore. We had fun together that very night, especially so when posing for photos at their photobooth. Thank you Jessie for asking me along! =)

The theme for the night was 'Old Shanghai' so i picked up this piece from my wardrobe..

Loving the rustic style with modern steel bar.

The food prepared for the guests were heavenly good! I love the fish and beef! =D

Always a good time with these ladies! *HEARTS*

Mini Mahjong tiles for ice-breaking game - to find the three other matching tiles.

Even Ted attended the party!! HAHA!

Photos from the photobooth..

Wonderful night spent thanks to SPRG and all my beautiful friends!
#LifeisGood #Happy10thAnniversary #SPRGsg10

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