Thursday, 10 March 2016

Road Trip to JB!

Went on a 2D1N stay in Johor Bahru (JB) with the loveliest bunch of friends - Jessie, Jas Jas, Shu Qing and Kelvin, 2 weeks ago in February! Kelvin (Jessie's boyfriend), being the only guy in the group took the wheels and guided us on where to hunt for entertainment and good food!

The couple picked us up at bus stop nearest to Lavendar MRT station (Still feeling guilty for being late for the meet up..) and drove us all into JB. Luckily for us, the traffic in between the journey was rather smooth. =)

Checked into Hotel Austin Paradise ( as soon as we reached!

A decent, comfortable and clean hotel to stay in.. Loving their huge arm chair in the lobby area!

We booked two rooms, both on level 3.

Then drove over to Auntie Lim's Cafe ( that serves a variety of asian and western comfort food for our late lunch.

The Menu..

I wanted something soupy for my stomach so i ordered fish soup but their orders were so much more tasty!

Favourite side dish among all - Crispy Chives Pancakes! *Yums!*

Then over to Blackball for desserts..

Thank you Kelvin for the above satisfying treats!!

We continued to explore the srrounding area where there are shops such as 100 Yen Shop (Originally from Japan), KIODA (Korea's lifestyle goods), and other interesting eateries.

I bought Lego Batman figuring from 100 Yen Shop for my brother and also bought a few face masks, hair accessories, and body lotion from KIODA.

And shopping continues at Tesco Extra Tebrau City and Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre..

Shopping time!!

The driver says it is safer to park here than the multi-storeys carpark..

We were looking for family Karaoke and came across deCast Family KTV located in Mount Austin ( which was a really good option with spacious themed room at very low rate! So, we booked a 3-hrs session from 10pm to 1am at 29RM per pax for the mini room with unlimited free flow of non-alcoholic drinks (Saturday evening's rate)! I think the room can fit as many as 6 people!

Honey lemon tasted good but their mains in their food menu.. was just some ready-to-eat meals. So we concluded that we can only go for their drinks and finger food if we come back again next time!

3 hours of singing ended real fast.. we then head over to have Roti Canai for supper before heading back to our hotel. =)

Sleepwear for the night..


Jasmine gave us animal masks to put on! Never knew it can be this fun doing character masks together. =)

I posted a video of us on Instagram..

Cat mask on me..

Woke up fresh and early the next day!

Went to Big Bowl for breakfast.. Ordered their Nasi Lemak and it was so good! *Yums!*

Very soon, it's time to check out!

For Lunch - we settled at Ichiban Ramen at Aeon Tebrau City. All of us had Japanese Curry. The Curry was rather sweet but still alright for me.

We made another round of shopping before going back home. This time, we covered where most sports related items are on sales! I got a Puma sports bra for 79RM!

Thank you Jasmine for these items she got back from her Shanghai business trip! =)

And thank you to this group of lovelies who made the trip a wonderful one! Much love and misses!

Till our next trip together~

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