Friday, 25 March 2016

[Tasting Invite] Dining experience at PerBacco!

Among the many restaurants in 20 Craig Road located at Tanjong Pagar, i was invited to try out PerBacco Enoteca con Cucina. ‘PerBacco’ refers to Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and this Italian restaurant offers authentic, top-notch Italian bar and dining experience with a wide selection of wines available in store. Yes, both a bar and a restaurant, its cosy ambience makes it an ideal place for dinner date, group gathering or even just a place for some pre-dinner drinks where patrons can chill in.

Interestingly use of crates which adds to the warm, rustic feel and a representation of the wide selection of alcoholic drinks they offers, especially fine Italian wines!

I sat infront of the bar counter while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive and ordered a glass of sweet lime juice for myself. Their lime juice tasted so good i got Tracy and Jon to order one glass each for themselves too!

A spacious restaurant it is, with a 35 seating bar area and a 45 seating dining area. In between the two area is the restaurant's Enomatic machine which keeps the wine fresh and allows it to offer 8 bottles of premium house pours. As such, the restaurant is able to offer its Domenico Barolo, Frescobaldi, Kerlann Pinot Noir and Cesare Amarone by the glass at attractive prices!

More wines display at the back of the restaurant..

 Beautiful setting..

As soon as we settled down to begin our meal, a glass of white Italian wine was served to each of us to pair with our food. We were then given a few dishes from the menu to try. =)

The serving started off with Antipasti which means "before the meal", following the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal.

Crocchette al Granchio (S$12) - Crab Meat Crocchette with Spicy Tuna Sauce. The texture and portion was just right in my opinion. Nothing bad about this dish because i personally love Crab meat and Tuna even though it wasn't as spicy as i thought it will be. Loving the plating of this dish.

Strudel di Verdure e Fonduta di Formaggio (S$18) - Grilled Vegetables & Mozzarella Strudel with Cheese Fondue. It has a puff-like taste with a good amount of fillings, creating no space inbetween the pastry and the stuffing.

Frittelle Soffici e Involtini al Prosciutto e Scamorza ($18) - Smoked Scamorza Cheese Wrapped with Italian ham and soft Fritters. Overall a tasty dish! Besides, no one will turn away from Fritters and melted Cheese wrapped in Italian ham! =)

Moving on to the Pastas..

Linguine alla Carbonara di Astice (S$28) - Linguine with Lobster and Egg Yolk Cream Sauce. A comforting dish with soft linguine and and tender, fresh lobster meat.

Gnocchi di Patata con Coda di Manzo Brasata e Tartufo (S$28) - Potato Gnocchi with Braised Oxtail and Truffle Essence. It was my first time eating Gnocchi and it does took me awhile to get used to the interesting texture ( soft and chewy) and taste (fairly bland) of it. The truffle was mild but what i like most in this dish was the savoury and tender braised Oxtail!

Next comes the mains!

Guanciale di Vitello Brasato al Vino Rosso (S$34) - Braised Veal Cheek in red wine with Cannellini Beans. The braised Veal Cheek is incredibly tender and flavorful!

Dentice al Forno con Sugo di Pomodorini e Burrata (S$32) - Oven Baked Red Snapper Fillet, Cherry Tomato Sauce and Fresh Burrata. The fish served was nicely cooked and delicious! Loving the sauce too!

And ends off with yummy desserts!

Cheesecake alla Ricotta e Pesche Sciroppate (S$14) - Ricotta Cheese Tart with Peach Compote. I love the ultra thick, rich, and smooth their Cheesecake was!

Pannacotta alle Nocciole Caramellate (S$12) - Caramelized Hazelnuts Pannacotta. A wonderful choice to end the session having this! Totally divine of sweet, rich and smooth Pannacotta in every spoon! Those on top tasted much like caramelized popcorn! (Panna cotta is 'cooked cream' in Italian)

The session ended really well! Many thanks to Shaun, Elaine and the friendly restaurant owner, Tony for the warm invite! It was very nice to have meet them all! (Group photos credits to Derrick)

For more information about PerBacco, do check out;

PerBacco's Website:
PerBacco's Address: 20 Craig Road, 01-03, Singapore 089692
PerBacco's Tel: +65 6635 7130
PerBacco's Facebook Page:

PerBacco's Opening Hours:
Mondays: 5:30pm - 10pm
Tuesday to Saturday: 12pm-2.30 pm 5pm–10pm

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