Friday, 1 May 2015

[Media Invite] Smile Singapore 2015

Following the recent World Happiness Report 2015, Singapore is ranked as the 24th happiest nation for year 2012 to 2014. Smile Singapore is glad to support the findings to show Singapore is not an unhappy nation afterall.

So, what is Smile Singapore you may ask? Smile Singapore is an initiative launched by Clarke Quay Central that is held in conjunction with Singapore's Jubilee celebrations (SG50), and an advocacy campaign that aims to promote a happier and joyful nation, in which welcomes the public to share their moments of joyful living in our little red dot. This is done by capturing individual's smile, expressing happiness in Singapore.

Earlier, a team of Smile Ambassadors had took photos of smiling faces and collected personal stories of what makes them happy to be in Singapore. When asked about what they like about Singapore, the top responses cited from the public were: stable homes with loved ones; being able to celebrate the nation's jubilee year as a significant milestone and a safe environment.

Among 2000 respondents (between the ages of 5 - 85 years old) who shared their stories of joy in Singapore, the popular reasons cited include:
1. Stable homes with loved ones around them (53.6%)
2. Being able to celebrate the nation's jubilee year as a significant milestone (21.4%)
3. A safe and clean environment (12.3%)
4. Wide variety of dining and shopping choices (7.77%)

Based on the number of submissions received, the photo mural has been nothing but heartening.

A Giant Photoscape of Smiling Portraits
Each smiling portraits have been captured and printed, laminated and pieced together to form a giant photoscape since last Wednesday, 29th Apr 2015. This grand urban photoscape is targeted to be completed by 3rd May 2015. The photoscape will line the first through third floors of Clarke Quay Central, transforming the mall into a record breaking venue.

Nation's Largest Photo Mural of Smiling Faces
Upon completion, the photo mural is expected to break the national record of ‘Largest Display of Photos’ in the Singapore Book of Records by collecting 10,000 smiling faces until the end of this year, of which 5,000 will form a giant photo mural. Thereafter, the photo exhibit will be showcased at the Clarke Quay Central atrium from 4th May to 17th May. (Levels 1 to 3)

As an event partner of Smile Singapore, Fuji Xerox Singapore is also spreading happiness to the less privileged families in Singapore by donating five dollars for every photo submitted to Smile Campaign until 3rd May to Beyond Social Services to enable and empower children and youth from less priviledged families to help them achieve better opportunities in their life.

Public who are keen to be part of this national event can preen for the camera at the live photo studio at Clarke Quay Central and receive an instant 4R print for keepsake. The public may view the completed photo mural from 4th May 2015 at Clarke Quay Central's Atrium. To be part of this campaign, the public may still upload their pictures and stories on till 31st December 2015.

How are the photos going to be assembled?

Preparing the Photos via Composing & RIP:
Once photos have been edited and filtered, the images will be composed in a customized composition file layout. Colour analysts will perform colour calibration to produce an optimized CMYK colour profile. The profile will be selected before the image enters the Rastor Imaging Processor (RIP) for print preparation. A simple drag-and-drop hot folder is used to send the composed layout to DocuWide C842.

Printing High Quality Resolution Photos at Amazing Speed:
Thanks to the DocuWide C842's innovative fixed printhead system, full colour photos will be printed at a blazing speed of 7 A0 size per minute. This means that each photo taken from Smile Campaign gets printed in less than 5 seconds. All photos are printed at a sharp 1600 x 1600 dpi resolution and on high quality Vinyl Matte-coated adhesive rolls. The printer makes use of CMYK dye ink for a smooth and natural colour gradation. The ink is also fast-drying, making print production even faster than before.

Adding the Finishing Touch for a Perfect Smile Production:
With the help of Fuji Xerox's print partner, iSuccess Solutions, the photos can be laminated immediately right after print. A protective matte film will be applied through the laminator with medium heat. After which, the laminated photos will be trimmed according to the exact size.

The Smile photo is now fully produced, and passed to Smile volunteers for floor installation!

29th Apr to 3rd May - Receive your own smiling portrait from Fuji Xerox Singapore with a minimum spend of $50 at Clarke Quay Central.

29th Apr to 17th May - Spot yourself amongst 5,000 smiling faces and receive a free Veganation burger. Veganation is located at #B1-40.

29th Apr to 21st Jun - Sure Win Lucky Dip with minimum of $30 spend at Clarke Quay Central.

About Smile Singapore
The Smile Singapore campaign, a project by Clarke Quay Central, was first conceptualised from a Gallup Poll in 2012, when Singapore was rated as the most emotionless and unhappy nation in the world. The campaign was thus initiated in 2013 to prove that poll wrong. A total of 1909 smiling protraits were collected and laid out in Clarke Quay Central, breaking the Singapore's Book of Records for the 'Largest display of Photos'.

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