Tuesday, 5 May 2015

[Media Invite] Triumph Celebrates 20 Years of Maximizer Magic

The World's leading, most trusted lingerie brand, Triumph, marks yet another milestone after 129 years of its founding, with its latest innovation - the Magic Wire bra.

A revolutionary breakthrough, the Magic Wire bra is a Maximizer designed with a soft flexible shield to provide support instead of traditional metal wire, offering all the support of a wire with the comfort of none (an incredible "no wire" sensation)! The ultra-light, super-soft integrated shields are totally flexible, offering easy freedom of movement and uninhibited comfort, with all the firm support, lift and shape of more rigid under-wired bras which so often dig and irritate. Within months of its introduction, the Magic Wire bra won one of the most prestigious and competitive design awards amongst 5,000 other nominees from 56 countries - the Red Dot "Product Design 2015" Award.

The award-winning design, Magic Wire bra, together with the two other signatures Aqua and Sexy Cushion sold 220,000 pieces within two months of their debut in Asia, ascertaining Maximizer as the best-selling product in Triumph's history.

On 29 April 2015, Triumph invited over 400 guests to MoCA@Loewen, celebrating 20 years of its iconic Maximizer with the launch of its exciting new Magic Wire bra and a showcase of sexy lingerie catwalk. Loving the enchanting ambience with the additional decorations and romantic notions of MoCA@Loewen!

"We are very proud of our heritage," says Doy Teo, Managing Director of Triumph Singapore and Malaysia. "Triumph constantly innovates and develops products that are designed and catered to the modern women who values quality and style. We are always improving on the fit, comfort and style because we, the maker of lingerie, understand women and what women want."

The Maximizer, a term coined by corset maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer, was Triumph's first bra with removable bra padding and was introduced exclusively to Asia in 1995. Back then, 14,000 Maximizers were sold in under two weeks in Singapore alone! The push-up bra flourished as it enables the user to "customise" the boost of the cleavage by inserting or removing the paddings. Variations of the Maximizer bra soon followed and in no time, became the World's top favourite push-up bra as it was a great non-invasive and instant way to boost the cleavage.

Over the years, the Maximizer has brilliantly evolved since 1995 - the first T-shirt Maximizer bra made with lightweight or diaphanous material in 1997; the first 3D cream pad Maximizer that bestowed a more "bouncy" yet natural-looking cleavage in 2003; the Cleavage-on-Demand Maximizer that gives flexibility to insert additional paddings in 2008; the Sexy Cushion collection with memory cushion foam (bra that "remember" breast contours, resulting in a superbly comfortable and zero-gap snug fit) in 2011; the Touch Cool collection (with fabric that reduces one's body temperature by 1.27 degree celsius) which won the Top 100 Innovation Award in Taiwan in 2011; the Aqua Collection (the use of gel padding) that gives a natural and dramatic boosts of two cup sizes in 2009; the evergreen collections; and the Body Make-Up in 2013, a seamless Maximizer collection that almost blends into one's skin.

Arrived at the event with Jessie and Jo.

All glitz and glamour, the place was set up beautifully as it sound! A wonderful, magical night!

The dress code: Enchanted Glamour

Pictures for keepsake,

At the Triumph C'est Magique Lingerie Runway Show
pretty Jade Seah wowed the crowd as she showed up as the host for the night.

The show began with four encanting dancers, 
followed by Asian supermodel, Amber Chia taking the lead catwalk.
Photo taken from Triumph's official Facebook page

Sweet floral theme in pastel pink, blue and violet,

Ancient Egypt look,

The mermaids (the ocean blue colour looks great!),

And fiery gothic,

Asian Supermodels Amber Chia and Sheila Sim looking stunning at the runway during the finale,
Photo taken from Triumph's official Facebook page

Thank you Triumph for such an extravaganza lingerie fashion show! 
Cheers to many more great years of Maximizer, continue to enable less well-endowed women to re-discover their confidence in simple, yet cutting edge, piece of fashion!

Catch the filmed lingerie show on TV at Channel U on 30 May, 10.30pm – 11.00pm or
Channel 5 on 31 May, 10.30pm – 11.00pm.

FYI, Lingerie pieces presented during the night were made available in real time at http://triumphfashionshow.com

This is my 2nd year attending their fashion show and am loving every moment of it!
Once again, thank you Triumph for sharing your joy with us!! **Hearts**