Friday, 19 June 2015

Got my wisdom teeth extracted at Ace Family DentalCare

A list off my checklist as i finally have the courage to fix a dental appointment to have my wisdom teeth extracted! Really happy with the services received from Ace Family DentalCare. I went there for my usual dentist visit and am already very satisfied with them so they have my full trust when i decided to go for this surgery.. Special thanks to the surgeon (specialist), Dr. Yong!

Heard so many stories from my friends' experiences really got me frightened, building up unnecessary fear in me.. I definitely don't think i have high endurance of pain but surprisingly, my whole experience under the care of Dr. Yong and the rest of the staff at Ace Family DentalCare was very comfortable and painless. I don't feel pain at all, not even during the jab or the after effect. Still feeling very lucky for that! :)
When is the best time to have my wisdom teeth removed?
It is now recommended by specialists that impacted wisdom teeth be removed between the ages of 14 and 22 years whether they are causing problems or not. The procedure is technically easier and patients recover much more quickly when they are younger. 
My upper back teeth were okay actually but my bottom two are impacted so the surgeon told me i have to remove all four of them. I like how Dr. Yong explained the whole process so clearly to me, making sure i know what is going on in each stage. Everything.. including X-ray and medication is covered by Medisave and the charges at Ace Family DentalCare is not expensive compare to other private clinics..

The jab, about 4 times on each side..
Dr. Yong was quick and professional.. not pain just light pressure felt..

Protective suit on.. I don't know why i look pissed here.. tried to smile but cannot. 
Mouth has turn numb after the jab. HaHa!

The charges of other various services..

Dr. Yong and the staff kept telling me i am doing well during the extraction.. They were all very encouraging and nice.. It's actually very comfortable throughout the whole process. The only thing that made me feel uncomfortable was my airway (most likely due to the medication), i kept wanting to cough.. =/ but again, they were extremely patient with me..

This was how my lower face look like right after the surgery (not as bad as i thought),

Discomfort was minimal but i don't want to take the risk of hurting the wounds..
so i waited my food to be cool before i ate them and chopped into small pieces..

That night, no problem heading out.. =)

The next morning.. with a swollen face but still feeling all well. Had to head out and meet this buddy for our theory test. And because the surgeon mentioned that ice-cream is the best choice, so i pulled him to have Swensens with me.. He like damn happy here, 

We ended up ordered 8 big scoops of ice-cream - 'the Earthquake'!!
Sorry it doesn't look appealing here because we changed the cherries to more strawberries..

The swell got bigger on the 2nd night.. Skin becomes very dry too..
(Feels so funny looking at myself in the mirror..)

Much more on the 3rd day.. Say.. "Chubby bunny!"

Porridge for like almost a week ever since.. until the swell is gone..

3rd night onwards.. swell got smaller..
Feel that the wounds are recovering well.. =)

Milk is good, so drink up!

It sound so sick to say this, but i did have an enjoyble week..

  What's better excuse to indulge in ice-cream despite given a week MC?!! So much of it in fact!

(A week after..) Again, i am feeling so thankful that removing stitches is a quick and painless process!

I hope my sharing can ease your worries if you are planning to have yours remove just like mine..
I guess a good dental, a skillful surgeon does matter a lot?.. So please go find a good one, the one that can provide you with assurance and trust. I rather having to spent more than to suffer..

Enough of those ugly under cheeks selfies..
Ending this post nicely with a better-looking me (taken before the surgery) ! =)

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