Thursday, 18 June 2015

[Media Preview Screening] TWENTY 스물 《疯狂20》

Korean box office hit, TWENTY 스물 《疯狂20》, starring Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-neul, Kpop popular boyband 2PM Lee Jun-ho, Jung So-min, Lee Yu-bi, Min Hyo-rin and Jung Ju-yeon, 
Opens in Singapore theaters on 25 June 2015!

A radiant comedy about three best buddies who turn twenty to share the most embarrassing moment of their lives!

Chi-ho (Kim Woo Bin) - the Playboy

Dong-woo (Lee Jun Ho) - the Penniless but hardworking

Gyeong-jae (Kang Ha Neul) - Business school student

Much alike with the reality where we have to choose which path we wish to go when we are done with high school. In the film, Gyeong-jae suggested two ways - chasing dreams or the other.

‘Chi-ho’ whose only virtue is being irresistibly attractive. He has got the charm but choose to pursues a life of doing nothing after high school. I can understand how it feels not being able to find any direction in life, we were only Twenty. I had a great laugh just by watching him 'doing nothing' at home. Thumbs up for his funny expression and weird logic! His simple life that consists of breathing and seducing women takes a turn when he realizes that he has a new goal - to become a film director.

‘Dong-woo’ is a college exam retaker who works hard toward a dream of becoming a cartoon artist. As a practical breadwinner for his family, he works several different jobs at the same time. But while juggling between his aspiration and the reality, Dong-woo is hit with a cold realization that his dream might be a luxury he can’t afford. Admire his hard work and determination in attaining his goal in life. However and true enough, things does not seems to go our way no matter how hard we tried..

‘Gyeong-jae’ who only has a brain for study, enters a prestigious university with a single set goal of entering a global corporation. All his academic and extra-curricular activities are geared toward achieving his goal but he turns into something completely different when he is drunk. His meticulous plan for a secure future takes a hit when he meets his eye-candy senior.

Overall, this film will bring great laughter to the viewers with a story that most of us, above the age of twenty, can easily relate to - of life goals, love, career, dreams, lifestyle. Therefore, can be easily understood. Viewers can also get to enjoy watching the lifestyle of young adults and the culture in South Korea through this film. One of the most hilarious scene i remember  is during the KTV session where they sing 4 Minute’s song “What’s Your Name”. Watch this film to find out if they have picked the right path and how they face it. I've enjoyed the show and i am sure you will too!! =)

“What does ‘twenty’ mean to you?”

Trailer :

Release Date : 25th June 2015
Rating : NC16 | SEXUAL REFERENCES 性相关语
Language : In Korean with English and Chinese Subtitles
Run time : 115mins
Genre : Romance Comedy
Distributed by : Golden Village Pictures & Clover Films
Director : LEE Byeong-heon
Cast : Kim Woo-bin, Kang Ha-neul, Lee Jun-ho, Jung So-min, Lee Yu-bi, Min Hyo-rin and Jung Ju-yeon

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