Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Yoga at Ubin with TSL and MND, Ubin Day 2015!

It's UBIN DAY 2015! Feeling super happy when i received call from The Smart Local about the confirmation on the trip to Ubin for an hour of Yoga session! Many thanks to Tselyn for this sign up!!

Photos with Tselyn!! Really enjoy having this bubbly girl around! 
May our Penang trip this Weekend be a fun and memorable one! =))

It rain all night and was still drizzling in the morning.. but thank god the weather was perfect when we are about to sail over to Ubin! YAYYY!!!

Thanks to both TSL and MND for their wonderful planning and coordination!! They prepared goodie bags and even solid yoga mats for each and every participants.. Everything went so well that day! =))

The group - 6 of us,

Our class booked at 2pm, great yoga session with Ms Georgina Poh! Her Instagram: @sugarrandspice..

Had so much fun doing Yoga.. Don't ask me why,.. i just love doing it since many years ago!!

As mentioned on my Instagram @meryllpy.. So much love to these beautiful ladies who have been really nice to be with and constantly putting smiles on my face again.. because of them, there's always something for me to look forward to.. Just like coming to Ubin for Yoga. Some thoughts and life's lesson, "you don't need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends that you can be certain of!" (Of course, i still have my bestfriend, Sweetiex, to turn to!)..

Ubin is a really nice place.. with a lot of good memories.. Each time i came here, i gained a different experience. If you've never step foot in this beautiful place, you are missing out a lot!

As much as i would love to stay longer.. some of them had to leave for another place.. Thanks for all the wonderful memories thus far!! Took the bumboat back at S$2.50 per person.

Goodnight lovelies..

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