Monday, 4 January 2016

MAGNOLIA 'Drink Milk Fresh' Campaign!

MAGNOLIA's Fresh Milk has always been one of my family's favourite for many, many years!

The leading brand, MAGNOLIA, starts the new year with its 'Drink Milk Fresh' campaign to highlight to its consumers the importance of handling milk safely and understanding consmption patterns, in hope that this knowledge will help consumers enjoy quality fresh produce that is safe.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) recommend consumers to finish their milk fresh within three days of opening to get the best quality out of milk. When food is consumed fresh, its nutritional value is at its highest. Milk is no exception. A nutrition powerhouse that supports our heart and bone health, milk is a delicate produce that is best consumed quickly once opened. It is truly important to cultivate the habits of drinking milk fresh early and understand the different ways of handling and storing milk safely to fully capture the pure goodness of this delicious, creamy beverage.

The 'use-by' date serves as an indicator to consumers as to when the milk will remain fresh and safe for consumption. Once the bottle or pack is opened, this date is no longer valid. When opened, milk is exposed to bacteria and begins to lose its quality and freshness rapidly. To drink milk at its freshest, it is therefore important to finish it within three days of opening it.

Nuturing the habit of drinking milk fresh begins with purchasing milk in quantities that mirror the household's consumption level. By buying home two one-litre packs of milk make it easier to finish the packs within three days, rather than a two-litre packs.

Other ways of keeping milk fresh is to preserve the cold chain from the time the milk leaves the production facility to the stores and then to the home. It is recommended that milk or dairy products be picked up last when shopping. Upon reaching home, the milk should be refrigerated right away and stored at temperatures between 2°C and 4°C.

To encourage consumers to start drinking milk fresh, MAGNOLIA rewards its consumers with limited edition MAGNOLIA Collectible Glasses. From 01 January 2016, with every purchase of two one-litre packs of MAGNOLIA Fresh Milk, consumers can collect one of these four stylish glasses at participating supermarkets and outlets, while stocks last.

'Start Fresh, Finish Fresh' Roadshows & Roving Milk Truck

As part of MAGNOLIA's continued efforts to bring fresh milk to its consumers, bring any empty 2-litre milk bottle with the label still intact to the roadshows, in exchange for a free MAGNOLIA 1-litre milk! Consumers can also collect a limited edition 'Start Fresh, Finish Fresh' Glass with every purchase of two 1-litre MAGNOLIA milk packs, exclusively available at the roadshows!

They will be a series of fun activities and quizzes at the roadshow to kick-start the habit of drinking milk at its freshest with MAGNOLIA too!

Roadshows venues, date & time:

MAGNOLIA retails at all supermarkets, hypermarkets, and participating retail outlets. For more details, do check out their webpage and their Facebook page at

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