Thursday, 7 January 2016

[Movie Review] Ghost Ship (2016) !

This January 2016, 
be prepared to hear some screams in the theatre as the most anticipated Thai Horror <Ghost Ship> arrived in Singapore!

Ghost Ship” (Mon Son Phi) is a horror starring teenage cast as three Mon sailors on a large fishing vessel, adrift in the dark, mysterious sea. They’re Kala, Yola and Solui, and their high-sea adventure begins when they discover the corpse of a woman, who turns out to be the wife of a mafia leader who controls the harbour. The sailors are in a tight situation, because they know that the woman they found was also the lover of Nick, the son of their captain.

Who killed her? How did her corpse end up on the ship? How will the mafia react? If news of the corpse found on board leaks, will the trio be accused of murder?

The three young men decide to hide the corpse, but things get horrifying when the corpse disappears. Soon, strange incidents keep happening to the sailors, and they’re convinced that there are more than just one ghost haunting the ship. Worse, they can’t run, as they’re in high sea and being haunted by vengeful spirits.

Date of Release : 7th January 2016, (with sneaks over the New Year weekend, 31/12 – 3/1)
Rating : PG13 | Horror.
Language : In Thai with English and Chinese subtitles
Run time : 95 mins
Genre : Horror
Movie Trailer:

The boat captain and his mates getting ready to set sail as ordered by the Mafia (the ship's owner). The Mafia's wife, Mia, went missing that night and later found dead in one of the ship's cabin, discovered by the three teenage Mon sailors. It's fun to watch their reactions towards all the shocking happenings on board, especially the dramatic 'queer', Yola! I really love how well he played in the show being assigned that role!

A good blend of spine-chilling and humour moments as the trio continues to solve the mystery on who murdered Mia..

The movie also added some romance in it, showing sweet affair between the boat captain's son, Nick, and Mia. Mia, played by Nutcha Jeka, looking so gorgeous here!

Things got even more nerve-racking as the trio encounter not just one ghost on board the ship and have to run for their lives. The fact that the movie took place in a vessel easily add spooky effect too. Feeling curious to find out more just like the trio in the movie, I have my eyes looking at their surrounding in every scene, in search for any hidden ghost. HAHA! (No, I am not going to be a spoiler here to show how the ghost looks like!)

Overall, i feel that the main characters did well playing their roles in the movie (Kala's my favourite character in the movie!). Unlike some other horror movies, “Ghost Ship” has a story to tell.. with unexpected plot. The romance scene are not draggy and strong enough to capture audiences' emotion, as well as showing a good balance of scares and humour in this 95 minutes duration film. Worth a watch? I would say a yes for me! I really enjoyed the show throughout, hope you will too! =)

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