Saturday, 2 January 2016

Wonderful Closure of 2015 - (2) Celebrate 2016 Countdown Party

Got a pair of tickets to MediaCorp Celebrate 2016 Countdown Party from the company! YAYYY!! I invited H.A with me because his birthday falls on 1/1! ^^

Decided to settle our dinner at Bugis on New Year's Eve and on our way to our dinner venue, bumped into Yang!! Surprised surprised!! =D

Dinner settled at Platypus Kitchen. Ordered Beef Ragu Pappardelle. =)

All ticket holders are not allowed to bring in food and drinks.. which was a little annoying.. But i must say they do provide a variety of food and beer at reasonable prices.

Skyline with passing clouds.. It's beautiful!

Adam Lambert rocking the stage with his performance for a half-hour long. He also included a reggae version of "If I Had You"!

Happy New Year 2016 and Happy Birthday to H.A!!
Hope you enjoyed the show, music, and the spectacular 8-minutes of fireworks! =)
Thank you for the night!