Monday, 4 July 2016

[Beauty Sponsored] Venus Viva™ at Simplistiq

Visited Simplistiq Aesthetic Clinic located at 8A Marina Boulevard, Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-52, to try out a session of Venus Viva by Venus Concept. Much convenience, i took a train and alighted at Downtown MRT Station. Simplistiq Aesthetic Clinic is just a few minutes walk away from the Marina Bay Link Mall Entrance!

The navigation system in the link mall definitely helps a lot to get you to the clinic if its your first time there.

Took a pic of how the outside of the clinic looks like. Very clean and modern.

Loving the Ocean blue theme design that makes people feel calm and soothing.

Trusted by doctors Worldwide and safe for all skin types, Venus Viva™ is a state-of-the-art patented pending tip technology with 700 pulses and a phenomenal depth of penetration (up to 500 microns), providing varying energy density enabling both ablation of the epidermis and coagulation of the dermis area resulting in skin resurfacing with minimal discomfort (160 pins per tip with 62mj per pin). In fact, i felt super comfortable during the whole procedure.

Venus Viva™ is a revolutionary, fully customizable FDA cleared solution for facial remodeling and resurfacing. It can deliver impressive efficacy through the combination of non-invasive NanoFractional Radio Frequency™ (RF) which gives superior heat conduction and one-of-a-kind SmartScan™ technology offering uniform post treatment tissue appearance and minimal downtime. It is also the first system that allows complete control of the ablation and coagulation capacity for enhanced treatment efficiency. With the ability to manually control ablation and coagulation, the operator is able to customize the treatment for optimized results on various indications such as: wrinkles, pigments, acne scars, striae and more. For indications requiring increased coagulation, the operator can choose lower power, and longer pulse duration. For indications requiring increased ablation, the operator can choose higher power, and shorter pulse duration.

The process was a quick one, a good 30 minutes in total for both sides of my face. There's no need of me to change into any robe which makes it less time-consuming. Ms. Shannon was the one who attended to me during my visit and she's very nice and friendly. My face was first cleansed before applying a layer of protective gel. Then, she uses the machine, Venus Viva™, and goes up to a warm temperature of 40 degree celsius, focusing on my cheek and jaw area. Then, she proceed over to my forehead and under eye area for a while. And back to my face area but gradually increases up to a 45 degree celsius for better results. Ms. Shannon then applied moisturiser and sunscreen on my face after we are done with Venus Viva™. There is no downtime and nothing to take note of or to avoid from.

The result can be noticed immediately after the treatment, especially my left chin and cheek. Images with cap on are taken before the treatment (upper row) while images without the cap on are taken after the treatment (bottom row). Treated face will feel even better, smoother and lifted over time and can last for about a month. =)

A big thank you to both Venus Concept ( and Simplistiq Aesthetic Clinic ( for your great service! Interested parties, do check them out for more information. =)

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