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[Event Invite] Redefined LAVISH Dine Catering 2.0 – Dining by Design

A little throwback to a few months back.. I am very honoured to have the opportunity to attend LAVISH Dine Catering media event followed by its 18th Anniversary celebratory Gala dinner with a gastronomic spread, in the beginning of this year at Flower Field Hall, Gardens by the Bay! Some other guests include loyal clients, suppliers, industry associates and event planners. I wouldn't be able to be part of all this if not for Jacqueline who invited me over. Thank you Jacqueline! =)

For those who are planning to have big parties or wedding ROMs with food catering, why not try Lavish which promises wonderful fine food, services and the ambience you wish to have!

From its humble beginning of catering service 18 years ago (since 1998) to its current position as one of Singapore's leading player within the premium F&B catering community, Lavish offer exquisite cuisine and sterling service, for an all-sensory gourmet experience.

Lavish sees the demand for bespoke menus, platinum service, and uniquely designed themes for occasions held both in-house and off-premise as many important MICE events are held in Singapore. Over the years, Lavish has attended to royalties, foreign dignitaries, delegates, captains of industries, international celebrities and top designer brands. Lavish is the premium catering company of choice for M.I.C.E, corporate galas, private banquets, product launches, after parties, dinner and dance functions as well as weddings. (Official caterer for F1 Singapore GP, Singapore Fashion Festival, and the yearly MediaCorp Star Awards, just to name a few).

Today, Lavish redefined the word 'catering' to a whole new concept and menu titled LAVISH 2.0 - Dining By Design with a new logo. With Lavish's vast experience in catering management and with kitchen teams helmed by multiple international award-winning Executive Chef Teo Yeow Siang, catering has been elevated to the highest standards of food fashion, rivalling even the capabilities of fine restaurants and five-star hotels.

Steward of Lavish's kitchen is executive Chef Teo Yeow Siang. He is celebrated as one of the illustrious chefs in the Singapore Culinary Team which snared multiple international culinary competition trophies and medals, the most current being the Culinary World Cup 2014, Luxembourg. In matching the intricate masterpieces dreamt up by Chef Siang, Lavish refined the way service is rendered. Beyond waiting service, Lavish seek to serve intuitively, training Service Ambassadors to offer a helping hand even before the guests ask for it.

Lavish pride themselves on being able to listen to customers before designing a unique menu curated by Chef. They find joy in helping customers make an occasion of their events and to delight their guests in more ways than one. To achieve this, Lavish look into the presentation, decorations, the lighting and even the creation of ambient mood to provide customers with a holistic package.

Unlike other catering services, Lavish also provide their own specialised tea series.

The latest menu Lavish 2.0 present gastronomic delights that have never been presented at catering level in Singapore, including some dishes which have won awards at prestigious competitions such as the latest Expogast 2014 Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg (among the 150 top chefs in over 60 countries).

Lavish spearheaded Singapore's food service industry excellence by redefining catering at its re-branding cum 18th Anniversary gala extravaganza. Tracing the humble growth of catering service, Lavish transported more than 500 guests back almost two decades by serving up local favourites of 1990s. After revealing its new logo, it then dropped the curtains to unveil the future of catering as it had never been seen here before, combining food technology and science to present its latest all-sensory, holistic gastronomic repertoire titled LAVISH 2.0.

Mr Jerry Sim, Director of Strategic Business at Lavish, who steered Lavish through its rapid growth and rebranding said, "We recognised at the onset that as Singapore modernised to become an important MICE hub, so will the demand for world-class indoor and outdoor catering. As the average spend per head more than tripled over the last 10 years from $70 to $250, we leveraged on food technology and invested in our long-serving team to develop their passion and skills. Our Service Ambassadors are trained to provide intuitive service before the guests even ask for it. We re-looked each aspect of our business and even went on learning trips to enable the company to lead in the catering industry."

Lavish's star chef Siang (full of passion towards his work) curated a unique spread of food fashion that invited gastronomists to expect the unexpected. Take his version of Singapore Sling for example, he dreamt it up as a Singapore Sling sphere with mint granite giving the eponymous cocktail a sensual twist, using an encrusting technique known as spherification.

A standing degustation menu of intricately created tasting portions known as small plates were served on a conveyor belt at the 3m x 3m live station helmed by qualified chefs at the gala. This concept requires immense planning to present to diners an all-sensory gustatory experience from delicate flavours to the fine presentation, a marked difference from regular live carving and cooking stations popular in recent years at catered events.

Chef Siang added, "Ten years ago, the catering brief was generally: give us good food and feed us till we are full. Today, we must help make the host look good as well."

Of the demands made on Lavish today, Jerry Sim observed, "We are taking the road less travelled by providing the overall dining experience. Our planning would take into consideration the decor to ambient lighting, the wow factor as well as minding cultural etiquette. Gone are the days when special diet means vegetarian or meat-free. Now, we have gluten-free, no shell fish, no mushroom, no pepper, even Jain and Kosher is no longer the only special cultural dietary requirement."

Chicken Rice Sushi (Singapore)

Cauliflower Jelly, Marinated Smoked Eel, Salicornia, Trout Roe (European)

Foie Gras Terrine, Port Wine Jelly, Beetroot Meringue, Sous Vide Apple (European)

Singapore Singapore "Explosion", Mint Granite (Singapore)

Lobster Fritters, Mentaiko Aioli, Seaweed Dust (European)

Otah & Salmon Roulade, Assam Curry Foam (Singapore)

Mango Chiboust, Verbena Almond Friandise

Mr. Jerry Sim (Director, Strategic Business) joined Lavish in 2004. He graduated from SHATEC in 1986 and has over 18 years of experience in the banquet and outdoor catering industry. While Chef Teo Yeow Siang (Executive Chef) joined Lavish in 2013 with 13 years of culinary experience in the industry. A very passionate chef.

LAVISH 18th Anniversary Gala

Peranakan station - Kueh Pie Tie, Traditional Laksa

Malay station - Assorted Satay

Chinese Station - Hainanese Chicken Rice, Roast Duck Crepes

Indian station - Tandoori Skewer

LAVISH 2.0 – Dining by Design

Lavishly Asian:
Double boil, Baby Abalone & Oriental Porcini Soup,
Crispy Seafood Roll, Deep Fried Kale, Yuzu Aioli,
Otah & Salmon Roulade, Assam Curry Foam,
Slow Cooked Soya Beef Rib, Crispy Beancurd Skin, Pickle Cucumber, Steamed Mantou

Taste of Chef's Award Winning Culinary Journey:
Lobster Fritters, Mentaiko Aioli, Seaweed Dust (Culinary World Cup 2014)
Pan Seared King Crab in Brick Pastry, Lemon Puree (FHA 2012)
Braised Beef Cheek, Char Leek, Bush Tomato, Smoked Onion & Potato Foam (Culinary World Cup 2012)

Lavish Culinary Theatre:
Foie Gras Dome
Foie Gras Terrine, Port Wine Jelly, Beetroot Meringue, Sous Vide Apple

Cold Chawanmushi, Scallop Tartar, Wasabi Yuzu, Spring Onion Foam

Sous Vide Egg, Wild Mushroom Ragout, Truffle Crumble, Porcini Foam

Toasted Brioche, Beef Marmalade, Mustard Cream

Cauliflower Jelly, Marinated Smoked Eel, Salicornia, Trout Roe

Chicken & Prawn
Spring Chicken & Prawn Roulade, Chicken Skin

Sweet Indulgence:
Mango Chiboust, Verbena Almond Friandise
Yuzu Meringue, Raspberry Supreme, Gula Melaka Streusel
Nutty Chocolate Nougat, Orange Citrus Salad
Apple Bavarian Mousse, Apple Chutney
Coconut Panna Cotta, Pineapple Compote
Chocolate Caramel & Banana Tart

Live Station:
Milk Chocolate, Crispy Caramelised Nuts, Strawberry Sorbet
Dragon's Pearl Interactive Station
Singapore Sling "Explosion", Mint Granite

Magically crafted Dragon's Pearl that got everyone feeling excited about! Dragon's Pearl is chef's adaption from frozen citrus foam, thrilled guests as they expelled vapours like a dragon through their nostrils on consuming the mythical pearl, taking them beyond the typical catering experience of chaffing trays, canapes and food stations.

The Double Boil, Baby Abalone & Oriental Porcini Soup

Both Gina and Charmaine are so friendly and beautiful, im glad i've met them. =)

Thank you LAVISH and Mileage Communications for the wonderful night! =)

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