Friday, 29 April 2016

[Shout-Out] LG’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Reward your supermom with these super cool gadgets by LG!

“It’s your time to have fun, Mom.”

Pamper mom this Mother’s Day with the new LG G5 (RRP at S$988), featuring a modular type design so mom can customize her own play experience. The smartphone comes with fun modules such as the CAM Plus (RRP at S$158 ; PWP* at S$98) that adds convenience in capturing images as memories for keepsake, or the the HiFi Plus with B&O Play (RRP at S$298 ; PWP* at S$198) module, blasting her favourite tunes and turning her world into a dance floor.

* Purchase with purchase: Enjoy great savings when purchase the device together with LG G5.

“Sit back and relax, Mom.”

With the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV (RRP at S$12,999) and SH8 Sound Bar (RRP at S$1,099), Mom can enjoy the ultimate cinematic experience and watch her beloved movies and dramas. It’s 4K resolution, bright highlights, perfect blacks and surreal colors complements the superior audio delivery that provides powerful, floor-thumping bass. Cleaning also becomes a cinch with the OLED TV being as thin as four stacked credit cards and the Sound Bar being wireless eliminates clutter!

“Take a rest, Mom. You deserve it.”

Care for a mother’s hand with the nifty robotic CordZero HOM-BOT Square (RRP at S$1,259) which cleans hard-to- reach corners more effectively due to its square design. To allow mom more siesta time, the LG Styler (RRP at $2,999) takes time-consuming ironing out of mom’s hands by steaming, sanitizing and refreshing clothes all with the simple touch of a button of the preferred mode.

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