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[Media Invite] A walk-through into ClearSK® Medi-Aesthetics Centre

ClearSK® medi-aesthetic and slimming centres offers non-surgical, doctor-designed programmes that is safe and highly effective for skin and body shape concerns. It boasts Singapore’s largest suite of clinically proven devices for skin, face and body shaping. Buoyed by this, ClearSK® can confidently create a personalised programme that effectively zeroes in on each customer’s unique woes. Each programme is exclusively formulated to cater to every customer’s skin and body type. Marquee programmes include the DrShape 3D Bodyshape; DrEyes; and pampering energy-enabled treatments.

An honour to be invited to one of their newest centre located at the premier Scotts Medical Center which exudes a posh vibe. Its entrance welcome customers with their beautiful chandelier and warm modern wooden walls! Their concept is modelled after luxurious hotels'. The brainchild of top designers, the centre's ambience feels very pampering, with an enclosed and cosy waiting area.

ClearSK® receives numerous prestigious awards over its years of operation.

A comprehensive range of in-house specialised skincare products, made from high quality, medical grade ingredients that are clinically tested and specially formulated based on dermatological science to treat problem skin areas.

Skin tighten (lifting) S$80 - S$195:

Skin smoothen (smooth and clear up) S$60 - S$80:

Skin Whiten (tone up) S$45 - S$215:

Preview of the premium outlet experience at ClearSK®,

During the media session, Dr Shiau Ee Leng - Founder and Chief Medical Advisor of ClearSK Healthcare, shared with us the exclusive programmes offered at ClearSK®. Dr Shiau who is a very nice lady, has more than 15 years of medical experience in general medicine dermatology and aesthetics. In 1999, she founded ClearSpring Clinic in Bukit Panjang, with a practice in family medicine and dermatology, before becoming one of the two founding directors of ClearSK Group.

DrEyes: Non-surgical eye bag removal treatment (Patented Korean Technology)

Did You Know? that Eye bags surgery can only be done once in a person's lifetime!

DrEyes is a non-surgical treatment that helps to remove eye bags. There is no downtime and brings amazing results after 1 treatment. This simple procedure uses RF micro-insulated needle system. At the same time, this treatment can help with wrinkle reduction. Compared with traditional options, DrEyes offers patients greater assurance and comfort. Lower blepharoplasty, which is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and fat in the lower eyelids, is billed as a once-in-a-lifetime treatment for eye bag removal. For patients who fear surgical procedures, this however has long been an option they have avoided. Now with DrEyes, patients with eye-bag problems can have them resolved!

DrShape® 3D Body/ Face Shaper: The game changer for fat and cellulite reduction

An integrative platform, the DrShape® 3D Bodyshaper comprises technology-powered treatments that tackle all types of body fats. There is no surgery and no downtime needed. The treatment utilises three technologies:

- LaserSlim, which melts the soft fat. A single melt-drain session is equivalent to spending three hours working out in the gym. The four-paddle gentle laser is applied onto the adipose tissue for 10 to 20 minutes to break down fats. Following that, a laser-vacuum drainage is conducted for 10 minutes.

- Focused Ultrasound, which breaks down hard fats by harnessing patented ultrasound resonance system using a selected frequency. Patented cold ultrasonic waves also shear off the fat layers. Hot waves also come in alternating intervals, and are used to compress the fats.

- CoolSculpt Plus, which destroys stubborn fat cells. This is an advanced cold therapy inspired by the Harvard University's research findings about natural effects of Cryolipolysis, which is now used to target stubborn fat cells. The fat cells are reduced with intense cooling. The treated fat cells are then crystallised. They eventually die and are expunged from the body naturally. The top tier program includes the patented device complemented with our signature suite of fat-busting treatments using lasers, ultrasound and thermal RF.

Besides the above treatments, ClearSK® also offers energy treatments that utilise calibrated natural elements like focused light, heat and sound to reactivate the skin. The visible outcomes are skin whitening, skin smoothening and eye care.

Love the spacious, posh look of the hallway into the respective treatment rooms! The centre includes four treatment rooms and a lavish VIP room.

Comforting, clean treatment room.

Dr Shiau treats her customers with extreme care and provides them with utmost comfort, just look at how lovely her consultation area are!

Here's picture of the gorgeous VIP room that includes TV, music, sofa, vanity area, wardrobe. Almost like a hotel room.. where the celebrity treatments await!

Customer who are done with their treatment are then directed to this beautiful resting lounge where warm tea will be served, and light snacks to enjoy! Such a heavenly place, isn't it?!

Met other blogger friends during my visit! =)

Always love rose design on cupcake and the ones served at ClearSK® media session is just so pretty!! Awww~

Had Alethea to help me with this picture here.. ^^

Macarons came after! :)

Each of us bag home with a token of appreciation from ClearSK® that evening where we were given the ClearSK Lazer Whiten Skincare set. The set includes a Cleanser, Toner, Lotion (Moisturizer), and an oil-free Sunblock with a SPF as high as 50!

Brightening Cleanser: A wash-off cleanser that gently exfoliates, brightens, clarifies skin. Helps to reduce melanin production.

Brightening Toner: Essential skin-balancing toner enriched with botanical extracts, it refreshes, stabilizes skin & improves skin clarity, texture and tone.

Lazer White Lotion: A moisturizer and contains antioxidants to help prevent environmental and oxidative damage to skin, Fragrance-Free. Hypoallergenic.

Sunshield SPF50: Unique oil-free dry touch texture with advanced filters for UV invisible light protection added with 2 extra dimensions of protection - UVA & UVB.

ClearSK® whitening skincare range provides a comprehensive products carefully selected by medi-aesthetics experts to cater for all skin types to trouble shoot skin issues like UV damage, post acne marks and age spots. Among the many products, one of their best seller is the Sun Shield SPF 50 (suitable for all skin types), which is a lightweight gel texture made with ingredients such as plant extracts and Phytobiological filters against harmful UV rays. It can block off UV rays as well as heat radiation in both indoor and outdoor without leaving your skin feeling too sticky or oily. Thank you for this wonderful and handy bottle! :)

About ClearSK®:
ClearSK® Medi-Aesthetics is dedicated to making its customers feel and look their best at any age. Perfecting their customers’ skin and body is important to us, because we believe wellness beauty is not just about looks, but reflects how we feel about ourselves.
Combining the art of beauty with the science of dermatology, their Clinique is a one-stop centre for customers’ skin and beauty needs. At ClearSK®, customers are rest assured of the treatments efficacy and safety: all treatments are clinically proven, protocols are designed and tested by doctors from CSK® Laser Aesthetic Group of Clinics. Together, they have more than 20 years of skin aesthetics and weight management experience.

Wait no longer, go check ClearSK® out soon to unveil a more beautiful you!


ClearSK® Outlets:
Scotts Medical Center
Novena Medical Center
Jurong East
Velocity @ Novena Square

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