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[Sponsored] ClearSK® Eye Glow treatment Review

ClearSK® is the largest Medi-Aesthetic and Medi-Slimming Concept in Singapore that offers non-surgical, doctor-designed programmes, safe and highly effective for skin and body shape concerns. It boasts Singapore’s largest suite of clinically proven devices for skin, face and body shaping!

ClearSK® receives numerous prestigious awards over its years of operation; a trusted brand!

Dark circles and eyebags give us a tired and sunken look. Dark circles around our eyes are caused by lack of blood circulation due to factors such as stress or lack of sleep, resulting in darker skin tone near the eyes. Eyebags are usually caused by weakening of the collagen, giving a sunken look due to ageing and stress. For care around our eyes area, these treatments can be found at ClearSK®;
- Focus RF Skin Tighten
- RF-Plus Skin Tighten
- Ulthera Eye Lift
- ClearSK Eye Care

My second visit to ClearSK® was a wonderful experience (Read my sharing on my first visit here). ClearSK® Eye Glow Treatment was arranged for me to treat my dark circles.

I was given a form and was asked to fill out my particulars. Thereafter, i was directed to one of their treatment room, the pretty Audrey Hepburn's theme treatment room no.4.. My face was first cleansed gently.

Before any treatment is done, ClearSK's practice the process of having to keep a 'Before and After' report of all their customers where close-up photo of the face will be taken.

Back to the room, Light & Heat treatment (LHE) is then applied. It is one of the latest technology that uses light and heat energy, sending gentle pulses deep into skin to speed up cell turnover for instant results with no downtime. This process will help to reduce dark eye circles and puffiness around eye area. The beautician was really nice to me, ensuring that i am comfortable throughout the entire process! :)

Next, i was given the Radio Frequency treatment (20-30 degrees). Done gently for 10mins on each eyes. This process will help tightens and smoothens the skin around eye area. Then comes the most comfortable part, a soothing eye massage which uses ClearSK's award winning Laser Tight Repair Serum for Eyes and a moisturizing eye mask for about (15 to 20 mins).

Lastly, the treatment ends off with applying a layer of ClearSK's Sunshield (Sunblock)! Their sunblock is the best compare to the ones from other brands that i have tried. It has lightweight texture, and is oil-free and non-sticky!

The whole treatment lasted for about 45 mins and once everything is done, the beautician then direct me to their lounge area..

Warm towel and tea were served at the end of the treatment.. and even after i am done with my tea, i can continue to rest in their lounge area, read a magazine or watch a TV program. It is very carefree and comfortable here at ClearSK®!

Vanity area with curtain, some personal space.. =)

Using my mobile phone's camera..

You can tell from the comparison of the before and after treatment images, that the areas around my eyes got brighter and less sunken from just one session.. I feel my skin got a little lifted up as well. No more hiding my dark circles and puffiness under my specs.. Instead, i can now wear contact lenses more confidently! So, thank you so much to ClearSK® for such a pampering experience and a wonderful result!! =)

Top image: Before treatment | Bottom image: After treatment

ClearSK® Eye Glow Treatment is recommended to be done once a week or fortnightly for maximum results!

ClearSK® offers affordable, convenient and painless treatments. They provide helps in restoring and enhancing our natural beauty, with no surgery or downtime! Their professionally trained, medi-experts will listen patiently and diagnose carefully before prescribing a personalised treatment plan, custom-fit to one's unique skin and body types!

ClearSK® Hotline: 6100 6868


ClearSK® Outlets:
Scotts Medical Center
Novena Medical Center
Jurong East
Velocity @ Novena Square

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