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Thanks to a good friend's recommendation, i have been applying this magical DOM® Gel as and whenever i go for my training, jogging or running!

DOM® Gel (Deep Ocean Mineral Gel) is a macro mineral and botanical approach to muscle relief by using transdermal delivery system; a method of delivering nutrients to the body through the skin, the largest organ of the body. It is formulated with the highest concentration of ionized Deep Ocean Minerals (DOM) concentrate to be used as a self-application or massage gel, to relieve muscle aches, cramps and pains. It also helps to maintain proper muscle function (which is great for sports person!) and calm overactive nerves.

DOM® Gel is highly recommended for anyone with chronic muscle fatigue, tensed muscles, edema and other muscle tissue conditions. It is also great for athletes and sportsmen for increased athletic performance and recover from sports injury. Wellness Service Providers such as SPAs, beauty salons with massage services, physiotherapists and remedial massage providers can also use it.

Deep Sea Water: Source of Natural Minerals and Trace Elements
Protected 2,200 feet (662 meters) deep in the Pacific Ocean off Hua Lien Coast, the mineral rich deep seawater is kept pure and unpolluted. DOM® Gel is made at the source, using only the cleanest and the most natural mineral rich water that promises to give the highest quality.

Key Ingredients and Benefits
- Ionized DOM Concentrate (Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Sulphate): Reduce symptoms from conditions such as chronic muscle aches, pains and tension.
- Butcher’s Broom: Helps to reduce edema, water retention and muscle fatigue.
- Centella: Eases inflammation, improves micro circulation and appearance varicose veins.
- English Marigold: Soothes inflammation and reduce muscle spasms.
- Panthenol: A provitamin of B5 which helps to smooth and hydrate the skin.

I like how lightweight (75ml) and handy a bottle of DOM® Gel is! I can easily pack it into my bag or even fit into my pouch, and bring it out with me to gym classes. DOM® Gel, in its light gelled form, has a really fresh scent thanks to the Aloe Vera Juice added in it! It's unique formulation provides excellent results in massages that involve tissue manipulation, such as deep tissue massage, tuina, sports massage, trigger point therapy, shiatsu and reflexology. I simply apply it on my arms and legs, before and after exercising to cope with any muscle pain, soreness, and aches. It actually leaves a light, cooling sensation on the skin. This is really amazing, i used to experience aching muscles after exercising before i was introduced to DOM® Gel but when i first received it and applied it on, i felt nothing like how i used to feel after an hour of workout! Tried and tested on the same workout with and without application, there's really a big difference even though i only spread a thin layer onto my skin. Managing muscle pain, soreness, and aches never been this easy, thank you Meditrina for this lovely product! Love it! =)

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