Friday, 2 October 2015

Who Is The Best Of You?

In August, The Best of You movement showcased their beautiful exhibit at The Star Vista's Atrium for a week, allowing visitors to take time out and reflect on the people and events that have brought out the best in them.

Extremely glad that i was being introduced to this meaningful movement; a movement about taking stock of life's accomplishments and appreciations from our fast-pace, busy lives! In the exhibition are the showcases of many life stories and artworks from the public that touches people's hearts. Held in Singapore and Malaysia respectively, it was an intimate experience filled with inspiring art, films, sharing sessions and performances by local artists and personalities.

The Best of You movement is about finding quiet moments in our busy lives to take stock of our accomplishments and appreciate our lives through sharing of personal stories. While people shared their stories, many others were inspired and even empowered by their words. And with these stories, The Best of You encourages people to come forward and share theirs too, hoping that by doing so, these stories will go on to encourage and spur more people. Your story might just change someone else's life!

Started in 2014, this movement is powered by tributes from all walks of life that speak of courage, regret, community, love, encouragement, redemption and, most of all, empowerment.

Series of events and exhibitions are being held in various shopping malls and schools in Singapore, showcasing inspiring stories and artworks. Coming October 13th to 18th, their exhibition will be at Marina Square, Central Atrium! There will be many interesting and inspiring works showcase at the exhibit through drawings, crafts, and short film!

Take a moment, come forward to their exhibition and pen down your tribute to the ones that bring out the best of you! You will be surprise they are thousands of entries till date with tributes from all walks of life, so personal yet inspiring and empowering! It doesn't have to be anything great for even a simple "Thank You" touches the heart of others! The world need more of this!!

Apart from the many stories showcased on the board, i also signed up for arm knitting workshop by Klly, joining Janice. We had so much fun learning how to arm-knit!

Janice's a fast learner! Look how happy and satisfied she was! haha!

And yayyy!! All of us completed our knits! Here's a group photo for keepsake! =)

Many thanks to Janice for bringing me along! =)

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