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[Event Invite] Svenson - Shares Top Three Treatment Solutions For Hair & Scalp Problems

One of the many concern as we age is seeing our hair becoming thinner and increasing hair falls. Hence, I am more than happy to be able to attend the Summer Hair Enrichment Workshop by Svenson held at Monochrome Fusion Bistro where they shared with the attendees informative and useful tips for our everyday hair and scalp care. At the end of the session, I was also given a complimentary hair analysis to understand my current hair and scalp condition. :)

Svenson is the leading expert in solutions for hair and scalp problems and has over 40 years of trichological expertise and knowledge. Svenson offers scientific diagnosis and customized and effective solutions to almost all hair problems. Established in London, Svenson Hair Centers help men and women realise that hair loss is no longer inevitable. By combining the latest Western technology and Eastern herbal remedies, Svenson is able to reinvigorate hair growth from a healthier scalp. Operating a global network of hair centers today, there are a total of 54 branches across Asia region.

At the event, Svenson shares its three best-selling hair care treatments: Folligro, Micro-Transdermal Theraphy (MTT), and PLGA Total Solution. Using advanced technology, these customized treatments have been proven to battle various forms of alopecia to produce desired results for both men and women.

Svenson's Consulting UK Trichologist, Mr. Mark Birch presenting at the workshop,

The latest treatment to be introduced, Folligro, delivers a potent mix of vital oxygen and rich nutrients deep into the roots and stimulates greater cell regeneration and collagen production for significant including growth peptides, amino acids and vitamins.

The use of Radio Frequency (RF) promotes regeneration of tissues and hair growth, the energy is fractionally delivered in micron spots into the dermal layers of the skin via 22 uniquely-designed gold conductive pins. This RF energy causes the water molecules to vibrate at high speed, creating heat in a "tear-dropped shaped" (0.2mm in diameter) diathermy effect through each pin. The diathermy de-generates old collagen and elastic fibres, giving way to new, stronger ones, which results in regeneration of biological cell functions of the skin.

The Folligro treatment takes about 45 mins and is pain-free. The scalp is first cleansed and hair is blown dry. An Amino Peptide Solution is then applied directly on one section of the scalp, followed by immediate application of RF energy over the same section. This is repeated in sections all over the crown area before a scalp massage is performed to end the treatment.

Using a handheld micro-needle roller device with a wheel attached to the handle, the MTT treatment works by triggering the production of human growth factor. Outfitted with a total of 540 micro-needles, each of varying lengths from 0.2mm to 2.0mm, the device is rolled over the skin, causing the needles to press against the scalp tissue, resulting in minor surface wounds. The body must then work to produce new skin in the area of the wound and releases the human growth hormone, collagen and other chemicals to assist with this process. In addition, the treatment also creates a new transcellular route (microchannel) for the delivery of small doses of active ingredients of different medications, such as the Svenson MPC Solution, to enter deeper tissues.

This efficacious solution contains vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes, minerals, hyaluronic acid, gluthathione and copper tripeptides that stimulate the growth of epitelial cells of hair bulb, inhibits catagen phase and stimulates anagen phase (new growth). This treatment is effective for common male and female baldness problems, such as male front-parietal alopecia, diffused hair loss and post-pregnancy alopecia.

After undergoing the MTT treatment, clients should avoid swimming and vigorous activities for two days and avoid excessive heat exposure, tanning under the sun, spicy food, alcohol and the sauna.

A breakthrough DIY home treatment that combines remarkable properties of the rare Loquat Leaf and nanotechnology to produce noticeably thicker, fuller looking hair for those suffering from thinning hair. The key active compound extracted from the Loquat leaf is Corosolic acid, traditionally used as a herbal medicine. This extract encourages better blood circulation and manages testosterone level, often the primary cause of hair loss.

To be applied daily after hair wash using a light head massage method on problem, clients can expect to see a gradual increase in fine, thin and thick hair growth at alopecia neurotic areas from the convenient PLGA Total Solution home treatment, from as early as two months after starting. A typical complete treatment process will take six months of consistent application.

Each of us were given a bottle of the PLGA Total Solution. They suggested to store it in a room temperature area instead of storing it in the fridge. I have sensitive scalp recently, causing it a little itch sometimes. So i tried dabbing this drops of portion on to see if it helps and yes i think it does. I don't feel my scalp itch or redness appear after application. Its very comfortable with the solution applied and am loving the pleasant smell too! :)

Svenson's NEW 5-Step Head Massage Demonstration,

Professional Tips From SVENSON

Hair & Scalp Care:
  • Shampoo daily, or twice daily, using the appropriate shampoo for your hair and scalp type
  • When applying styling products, avoid getting them on the scalp
  • When blow-drying, avoid direct strong heat and keep the blow-dryer moving
  • Brush or comb hair gently especially when wet
  • Practice daily scalp massage (Svenson's came out with their NEW 5-Step Head Massage that can be practice at work or at home to increase blood circulation to the scalp and relieve tension)
[Svenson's 5-Step Head Massage]
Step 1 - Place fingers of both hands at the forefront of your head. Massage in a slow circular motions (10 times) and press slightly harder for approx. 5 sec. before release. The pressure should be strong and yet comfortable.
Step 2 - Moving both hands a little backwards and massage head in a slow circular motions (10 times) and press slightly harder for approx. 5 sec. before release. Again, the pressure should be strong and yet comfortable.
Step 3 - Now moving both hands to the top of your head and massage using same technique used previously.
Step 4 - Repeat as step 2.
Step 5 - Repeat as step 1.

How to Spot Hair Loss:
  • Significantly more hair falls during combing, brushing and shampooing
  • Scalp feels sensitive; inflammation (redness), prone to getting itchy, oily and scaly
  • Frontal hairline starts to recede with more small "baby" hair appearing
  • Overall hair becoming more limp and lacks body or volume
  • Hair texture becomes finer and hair growth appears slower

Thank you Jessie for bringing me along!

Trichological expert says drinking coconut water helps to prevent hair loss,

Not long after, a delicious 5-course meal was served to us all,

and our meal ended off with a hearty Tiramisu! Yums!

A great night it was, hope yours was well too!
Thanks for staying by! :)

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