Monday, 27 April 2015

Gone a little too crazy over Shoes

First time bought 4 pairs of shoes in just two days. 3 of them were unplanned for. Anyway, i have not purchase any shoes for a long time... so why not right? Let it be a little pampering for myself for working hard the past four years.. ^^

These two essential flats (yea, Sadie Slipper again), both white and pastel mint ones are from RUBI. With their low selling price, its really hard for me to resist. I used to always buy their flats, and wore them to the office. Pretty durable actually!

Next are my favourites for the month! My plan was SAOWIA sneakers from ALDO. Loving the colour (in mostly pink and black color combination), loving the prints too! On that day of purchase, the store was having a 20% off for purchases over S$200. So, i looked around and decided to get the DEVONSHIRE wedge sandals in black. Guess my mum will like it?! =)

So, yayyy! Can start wearing new shoes soon!!