Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ecco x Nuyou

Was lucky to have received entry pass to attend the Ecco x Nuyou event two nights ago, 23 April at ECCO, Great World City. Met a few friends there too! =)

All attendees were given one of these pretty leather wrist tag, each with customised embossing! ^^

Artisan serious at work,

And Tada!!! Our names on! Well-crafted by their artisanal skills! ^^

A showcase of how to match outfits with ECCO's shoes and bags.
Easily dress in style in the most comfortable way! We tried on their shoes, really super comfy!

Loving this ECCO Dalaman Shopper (Pebbled leather tote),

Thank you ECCO and Nuyou for the event invites!

Wanted to go over to Zion Road food center but was too crowded there, so Elaine and i went down to the food court to settle our dinner. Had Authentic Thai food made by a Thai lady chef as recommended by Elaine. Simply yummy!

Thanks Jessie for sharing the event details and Elaine for the dinner ❣

Make-up face before i wash them off..

Still having unsettled mind..

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