Saturday, 18 April 2015

[Shout-Out] 1-FOR-1 Main Course at Boston Seafood Shack

Boston Seafood Shack launches a new and bigger menu that guarantees to get you “hooked”! Customers can look forward to a wider selection from classic crispy battered seafood, grilled ocean delicacies and sharing platters for those who like a hearty seafood party with your buddy.

This casual and cheery nautical-themed restaurant first set sail in Singapore three years ago and has since captured the taste buds and hearts of families and communities surrounding its berth namely The Star Vista, Tampines Mall and Great World City. While new items make up 80 percent of the much anticipated menu, familiar favourites like the Classic Boston Lobster Roll and Crayfish Aglio Olio have remained on the menu by popular demand. Best known for their Lobster Rolls which uses fresh lobsters flown in from Boston and Maine, Boston Seafood Shack now expands its lobster roll section introducing new varieties with the same value for money prices without compromising quality and taste. Lobster Roll fans can look forward to two new lobster rolls – Holly Hollandaise and Uniquely Singapore Chilli Crab Lobster Rolls. Holly Hollandaise marries European flavours with the freshness of Boston waters on a lightly-toasted herb focaccia while Uniquely Singapore Chilli Crab sauce celebrates the goodness of local flavours which goes deliciously with seafood.

The new menu will showcase the best of two cities - the freshness of Boston waters in the seafood and flavours of Uniquely Singapore. Boston Seafood Shack is very excited to introduce their first local flavours to let you have your own twist on the Classic Fish and Chip. Diners can choose from sauces like Tze Char Sweet and Sour, Kampung Salted Egg, Uniquely Singapore Chilli Crab and Thai Fisherman Sauce. Boston Seafood Shack’s seafood selection is of the highest quality and at the best value your dollar can bring, whether you're looking for a specific ocean delicacy or looking for have a hearty variety, Boston Seafood Shack has it for you.

They have also expanded their grilled section. Now available in combos for a good variety of mixed grilled ocean favourites, look out for deep sea delicacies like the Grilled Black Pepper Crayfish and Sautéed Baby Octopus and Cuttlefish to sink your teeth into those nicely char-grilled cephalopods. Hearty soups - thick, tasty and bursting with seafood goodness with every spoonful, new to the list will be their take on the Louisiana Seafood Gumbo. Keeping up with healthy eating trends, expanding of their salad bar is almost a rite of passage; the Chilled Lobster Snow Pea Salad in Orange Vinaigrette is one of the new dishes that come highly recommended for both seafood lovers and for those who love their greens.

The new star on their menu is the Party Platter for Four which goes by the moniker as the “Mother of all Seafood Feasts”. Served with seven assorted ocean delicacies, diners can tuck into their favourites namely, Teriyaki Salmon, Yakiniku Barramundi, Thai Chilli and Lime Prawns and Char-grilled Baby Octopus and Baby Cuttlefish and crispy battered items like the Classic Dory Fish and Chips, Soft-shell Crab and Crispy Battered Oysters. A sharing platter like no other, this is your perfect party platter for a seafood feast like never before.

In celebration of the new menu, Boston Seafood Shack will be having a 1-FOR-1 Main Course promotion from 20th - 30th April 2015. (Terms and conditions apply.)

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