Sunday, 19 April 2015

Saturday at Orchard Road

Spent my day in town..

Went to visit Rosebullet at Orchardgetway for their outlet Rosebullet X Anna Sui promo event together with Jessie and friends. Also, got myself 3 pairs of really comfy Tabio socks. A pleasure browsing through their store items and we appreciate much for the drinks as well as the shopping vouchers offered! :)

(Photo taken from Rosebullet)

Then, spent a bit of time with Jessie for lunch before heading to Diaso. Was looking for storage boxes.. and found these clear shoe boxes that are perfect to store my other skincare stuffs apart from shoes! ^^

Settled dinner at Wine Connection at Cuppage Terrace with Yang.
Tuna Salad, Parma Ham Pizza, and sweet wine. Everything was great at a reasonable price. :))