Tuesday, 14 April 2015

[Media Tasting] Plus +39 Gelato Bar

Was invited to +39 Gelato Bar tasting session last night and am really in love with the rustic ambience with modern furnishing! A nice place to relax in one of Singapore’s bustling eclectic zone comprising office towers, high end restaurants, alfresco dining and lively bars & pubs.

+39 Gelato Bar opened its door in the vibrant Boat Quay district of Singapore in March 2015 and is set to indulge customers and all gelato lovers with the real taste of Italian indulgence and into the world of artisanal gelato!

Unlike ice-cream, fresh Italian gelato contains less fat (less cream/ butter), has less incorporated air (which means higher volume), and is served at a higher temperature which provides a greater flavor experience!

Flavours change regularly but there are four fixed flavours daily and 'today's special' will be listed in the front counter as well as on screen,

Chef Jacopo Quaglia and Chef Stefano Cadorin friendly introduction to us. :)

Incredible state-of-the-art IdeaTre machine! The first live gelato concept of the Asia Pacific region!
Customers will be treated to a visual delight over live demonstrations of wonderful recipes and flavours being concocted fresh when they step right into +39 Gelato Bar. Employing the state-of-the-art IdeaTre machine from Carpigiani (that produces, preserves and serves in the same environment), the manufacturer of world-class gelato equipment for the very first time in the Asia Pacific region, so we get to enjoy watching high quality ingredients being mixed and frozen into the smoothest, finest most delicious, supreme taste sensation that words cannot begin to describe in this boutique-styled gelato-making. Be visually enthralled by the artisanal creativity along with the aromas emanating throughout the gelato bar!

Freshly made, 100% natural, 100% healthy delicious pure pleasure!
Housed in a heritage shop house, +39 Gelato Bar prides itself in serving the first live, state-of-the-art gelato concept in the Asia Pacific region. Lovingly made fresh every day, the different gelato flavours are 100% natural, using high quality and exquisite ingredients sourced both locally and from the home of gelato, Italy. +39 Gelato Bar ensures that it uses no added flavourings, colours, preservatives or chemical additives of any kind, adding to gelato’s reputation as a 100% healthy and delectable pleasure. (Only natural stabiliser is used here)

One example, the vanilla Gelato at +39 Gelato Bar is made naturally from vanilla bean,

Chef Jacopo Quaglia and Chef Stefano Cadorin serving us the refreshing bittersweet Spritz Aperol Sorbet,

Spritz Aperol Sorbet,

Next, Chef Stefano Cadorin prepared waffles for us all,

Their waffles turned out Super Crispy Crunchy! (although i feel that its a little burnt at the sides)
[1 scoop S$10+ , 2 scoops S$13+]

Topped with Mango and Chocolate,

Topped with Hazelnut and Pistachio (Great combination in my opinion),

Customer can expect more interesting items in the menu in time to come, one of which currently available in their menu is this Gelato Sandwich,
[1 scoop at S$8.50+ , 2 scoops at S$11.50+]

Cool, Smooth, Italian!
+39 Gelato Bar offers its customers and gelato lovers the affirmation of the authentic taste of Italy produced fresh every day. Echoing this guarantee is Jacopo Quaglia, Director & Gelato Coach at +39 Gelato Bar, “With the launch of this artisan gelato boutique, we are offering customers the undeniable taste of Italy right in the heart of town. We only use fresh ingredients, dream them up in the most tempting flavours, produce them in small volumes and we sell them directly to our consumers. Cool. Smooth. Italian.”

At +39 Gelato Bar, there's no service charge. Menu offers decent pricing too (even for their drinks). 
I will definitely go back for more gelato! :)

Each of us ordered our favourite choice of Gelato flavour from +39 Gelato Bar
We had Pistachio, Hazelnut, and Strawberry Cinnamon,

My choice of sweet scoop for the night - Pistachio in its natural brown colour!
[S$5.50 nett per paper cup size]

With our dear Jessie,

love this shot taken by Jia Hui,

With the girls - Jas, Jessie, Jia Hui (Triple Js! ^^),

+39 Gelato Bar is located at No. 29, Circular Road, Singapore 049385 and opens Mondays through Saturdays from 11am to 11pm. Visit website http://www.plus39gelato.com/ and their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/plus39gelato?pnref=story for more information.

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