Saturday, 27 July 2013

Adventure Cove Water Theme Park - Sentosa

Time flies and say HELLO to weekends again!! =D

Was having a fun time out at Adventure Cove Water Theme Park located at Sentosa, Singapore last week. And yes, finally after so so long that i get to swim in the water again! Very excited and anticipating for this day to come.. furthermore, what's summer without a date with the water, sand and Sun yea?! Sis was our guide that day, bringing us here and there.. Really thankful to her for arranging all these!~
It was a Saturday and is expected to be crowded.. but i just didn't expect that it was so crowded. The park starts operating at 10am (daily 10am - 6pm), we can already see a lot of people starts queuing for tickets and entering the parks. I really like the whole design and layout of the park, a lot of effort was put into craving, a lot of details can be seen.
 For a price of $29 on non-peak period and $33 on peak period, i think its worth spending on because there are so much to see and to play with, and i believe most people actually spend 1 whole day inside the park itself. The place was surprisingly huge housing a total of 6 water slides, a toddle water area, a wave pool, 3 sections of obstacle challenge (i still can't believe i actually did jump off from a high level into a deep 4m pool! it does takes a lot of courage), one of the world's longest lazy river of 620-metre (2,030 ft) long, and a chance to snorkel over colourful rainbow reef with pretty tropical fishes (lots of them)! There were also a small artificial man-made beach with soft white sand (that was too cute la! HAHA!) and a lot more, some attractions were not even open to public yet).

The wave pool.. looking calm now but when you hear the siren, grab your life jackie because the tsunami that can goes up to about 2.0m high is coming! I started off at the wave pool and god, we had so much laughters during the wave, doing silly reactions and faces in the water. Do be careful even when you can swim because the tidal wave is really strong and fast, once you lost track of the momentum of the wave.. it will be difficult to catch another breathe..
 Life jackie comes in different sizes, the baby blue for the little kids.. super adorable!
and notice that there were nice little huts in the background? Those are Cabanas and are available for rent, so families or couples can relax in it and enjoy the atmosphere. There are service crew station outside too so you dont have to worry leaving the hut empty for a little while and come back in later.
 Here's a closer look;
Above pic is the kids play-land, we did went in and explore abit, there were water sprays and buckets that can fill up to the brim with water from the top gigantic bucket for you to splash water on somebody without them realising it. Bf say i am such a bad person when he saw me pouring the bucket full of water down onto some young children, but i can't help it, laughing seeing how shock their face were. LoL!

And below is one of the shot of the lazy river, passing by the stingray aqurarium. This is probably one of the best lazy river i've experience so far.. because you get to see marine life so up-close like rays, fishes, and even dolphins (in the near future as the dolphins section is not open for public viewing yet)! Amazing, isn't it?
And below is the dolphins habitat. It wasn't open for public viewing yet so this is the best shot i can get from a far, high view. I guess our timing was right, they were having training when we watch them, so many of them i couldn't get an exact count.. like about 14 to 18 of them in the water!

We settled our lunch at the Bay Restuarant, here's the ordering counter. Their food were pretty much alike the one at The Maritime Experiential Museum. Everything tasted quite okay except for their pasta which was rather hard to chew on..

Pardon me for the limited pictures put up.. as i didn't had my camera with me.. still waiting for some of the pictures taken in the water from one of our friend, for she's the only one with the waterproof camera. :)

Check out the official website here:

Thursday, 18 July 2013

[Movie Preview] Welcome To The Punch

Ex-criminal Jacob Sternwood is forced to return to London when his son is involved in a heist gone wrong. This gives his nemesis, detective Max Lewinsky, one last chance to catch the man he's always been after.

Written and directed by Eran Creevy, the film begins with detective Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy) making his chase after the masked robbers in the banking center of Canary Wharf, London. With his impulsive and strong willpower, the intense chase continues before getting himself shot in his knee by master-robber Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong) in an underground tunnel.

Opening appearance - Max (James McAvoy) standing cool tracking the robbers whereabouts

Three years after the gun shot incident, with the pain still haunting Max every now and then, Sternwood's son is then mysteriously gunned down in London (Probably following his dad's footsteps). Sternwood who escaped, had to return to find the cause, giving Max a second chance to bring him to justice and rescue his own reputation, proving he's superior that he ain't a 'nobody'. Along with his partner, Sarah Hawks (Andrea Riseborough), both trying their best to find supporting evidence to charge Sternwood down.

Never had he realised there were much more behind all this.. Of police corruption and conspiracy, involving an upcoming election and the issue of gun control. Max realises that his only chance to solve the entire puzzle is to team up with his old nemesis, Sternwood, who also saved him during a gun firing scene in a closed club. Afterall, Sternwood seems like a good guy.
Ending with Max decided to hold that trigger, letting Sternwood free..
but what happens to Max then?!

Kudos to all the main cast who played really well in their role, loving their facial expressions in every part of the movie even during times where they have limited script. Loving the way Andrea plays her role of Sarah with her british accents and her lovely face but a pity she couldn't make it till the end while trying to find evidence.. Why didn't she carry a gun with her when she was out alone?

Well done on the slow motion shown during the guns firing battle and loud enough to catch the audience attention.. Would be even better if there add in more fighting scene other than flying bullets and breaking furnitures.

Still a lot of little untold mysteries here and there.. as if there were missing cut-out scene.

The film stars James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class, Wanted, Atonement, The Last King Of Scotland), Mark Strong (Sherlock Holmes; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy), and Andrea Riseborough (W.E., Oblivion), along with Peter Mullan (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Tyrannosaur), David Morrissey (Nowhere Boy, The Other Boleyn Girl), Daniel Mays (Shifty) and Johnny Harris (The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus).

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime thriller
Language: English
Release Date: Thursday, 18 Jul 2013
Main Cast: James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough Duration: 99 mins
Personal rating: 3 out of  5

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

[Media Invite] SBA 2013 - Singapore Blog Awards 2013

Attended the sixth annual Singapore Blog Awards, organised by, Singapore Press Holdings' leading bilingual news and entertainment portal which was held on 6 July at Shanghai Dolly (the exact same location as year 2011) with the theme - 60's Fever !

My outfit that day - i picked a dress with large prints and bright-coloured heels to go along with the theme;

Smile for the camera with Nasri, Carine, Tiffani & her friend Shu Hui

With the beautiful Tiffani, really love her smile!

Many who attended were well-dressed in their 60's theme; such as the A-Go-Go style!

Entering the walkways, there were posters at the sides introducing each judges and nominees

The show begun with speech by Guest-Of-Honour, Mr. Lawrence Wong (Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information)

 There is a total of ten main categories, two celebrity categories and seven special categories. A complete list of award categories can be found here. BiG Congrats to all who won the titles!

First award were presented to 3 ladies (namely Karen, Elaine & Elrica) winning Panasonic Best Beauty Blog! Pretty Karen also won the Glossi Best Modelling Blog!

 Panasonic Best Cooking Blog goes to Celes

  Panasonic Best Eco-Challenge Blog goes to Ivan Kwan

  JBL Best Pop/Music Blog goes to Mint

 Levi's Best 501 Interpretation Blog goes to Claire

 and Qoo10 Best Online Shopping Blog goes to Mitsueki

2 Most Popular Local/ Overseas Celebrities Blog goes to Jeanette Aw and Alien Huang respectively;
this is Jeanette Aw's sixth time winning the title!

This year, introduces the “Best Microblog” award, a brand new addition to the ten main categories of Singapore Blog Awards, created to acknowledge the increasing popularity of short format blogging platforms like Twitter and Weibo. For this, Leonard Lim won the title, sharing through his twitter account on what's trending. That's pretty Cool!

Group photos of all winners;

Not forgetting best dress award! Out of the selected 10, police officer "Mata" (at the far right next to the host) had the most votes from the audience!

 Halfway through the show, we started to feel a little hungry, so we went to the back to grab some bites! Oh, i found my favourite - Tuna & Salmon Sushi!! How wonderful!~ =D They have lovely durian puffs, lemon soft cake and sweet cold green tea too!

Local diector, Jack neo walked pass us, so we grab the chance to take a picture with him.

It was such an honorable moment to have the chance to be there, to experience the whole awards ceremony. Considering myself as one of the lucky ones to be part of this grand event (even as an audience) as seats are relatively limited and i am not even a superb blogger to desearve one of those seats in the first place. Therefore, i am really happy to be there with the rest. Never did i knew there were so many well-recognised blogger out there, where some were very inspiring!

In the gift bag for all attendees;

Thank you Omy for all the delightful stuffs and for this special invitation!
till next year... =)