Monday, 7 October 2019

[Product Reviews] Beauty Care from THE MAGICAL CLOUD

Being a Cabin Crew is my job and I have just completed four consecutive back-to-back overnight flights. Flying from Athens back to Singapore, and then to Chang Sha, followed by Tiruchirappalli and Bali... I felt so exhausted by the end of my fourth one. My body was aching and feeling restless, my legs were sore, my skin became very dry.

Luckily for me, I received some beauty care products to try out from The Magical Cloud, just in time for me to use and enjoy them during my rest/ off days.

The Magical Cloud is a local brand and they specialised in offering natural and organic beauty care products suitable for one's skin, face, and body. There is no chemicals or preservatives added in their products' ingredients, allowing us to pamper ourselves with ease and comfort.

Among the many wonderful items available from its website, I decided to pick three for myself;
(1) Oh my, I'm exhausted! Foot Spa (250ml)
(2) BYE BYE Stinky! Foot Spray (20ml)
(3) Yummy Honey! Body Scrub (200ml)

Oh my, I'm exhausted! Foot Spa (250ml) 

I have always wanted to enjoy foot spa at the comfort of my own home and this has become one of my favourite product they offer! A perfect item to use right after returning home from a long day out, whether is from work or play. It is easy to use and the result can be felt instantly after the soak, leaving you feeling all refreshed and relaxed! I tried it after my work, poured the entire pack into a pail of warm water and let my sore, tired feet soak for a good 10 to 15 minutes as according to the instruction. The Peppermint has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and it has a light minty scent. The moment I lifted my feet off the water, I could instantly feel a cooling sensation and it felt amazing! The foot spa improves circulation, energizes tired feet, refreshes and aids to combat odour.

( There are no chemicals or preservatives hence it is to use within 6 months after opening. )

(2) BYE BYE Stinky! Foot Spray (20ml)

The Tea Tree foot spray comes in a handy 20 ml size that can be carried in the bag while on-the-go and an easy solution to prevent odour formation. To use, just shake well and then spray on feet from a 15 cm distance. Sometimes, I will also spray it on worn shoes, especially my cabin shoes which I frequently wear them at work. Tea Tree neutralizes odour and prevents odour formation. It also has antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It contains 100% pure Australian tee tree essential oil.

( There are no chemicals or preservatives so use this within 1 month after opening. )

(3) Yummy Honey! Body Scrub (200ml)

Lastly, the Yummy Honey! Body Scrub smells just like Honey and Sugar in Olive Oil. The product was able to exfoliate dead skin cells away yet does not leave my skin feeling dry, thanks to the Olive oil in it which will get absorbed within 10 minutes after use. Being in the aircraft makes one's skin dry and it feels great knowing that I can use this body scrub even after working on a long flight and leaving my skin feeling fresh and moisturized! After using it myself, it felt exactly like I had just done a Body Scrub treatment from a Spa and I had a good night sleep thereafter.

( There are no chemicals or preservatives so use this within 3 months, store refrigerated. )

( I scooped it out and placed it on paper towels so as to show a clearer image of how the body scrub looks like. )

I am really grateful to have received and get to know about this brand and its products, so thank you The Magical Cloud! When there are days where I just want to stay at home ( being too tired or simply just lazy to head out ), I will enjoy using products from The Magical Cloud and have a personal pampering session at my own comfort, just like doing a mini Spa at home!

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