Tuesday, 4 June 2019

[Media Invite] CYL 2-in-1 Japanese Hair Technology

My friend, Jessie and i recently had the pleasure to enjoy a thorough scalp treatment at CYL (Create Your Look) Scalp Lab Solutions. (http://www.cyl.sg/) First launched in November 2017, CYL is an integrated specialist scalp and hair care centre that offers advanced treatments using personalised, custom-blended formulations with eastern and western botanical essences, innovative equipment and Japanese massage techniques.

CYL is brought into Singapore by Komars Group, the same company that brings in the latest beauty concepts from Japan such as the recently opened teeth-whitening outlet White30, dry head spa Moomin, Yunomori Onsen and Spa, LA Barbershop and EC house.

Just recently in May 2019, CYL launches Singapore's first-ever two-in-one Japanese hair technology featuring Hair Extension and Scalp Treatment. This technology is created by specialist scalp and hair care centre CYL as well as experts from the award-winning Japan Airy Extension School. Courtesy from CYL's team, Jessie and i were invited to have a session with them and we decided to go for their scalp treatment.

Located at Clarke Quay Central, the place is comfortable and is sectioned into different areas which includes private consultation rooms as well as cozy private hair treatment spaces.

CYL's scalp treatment :

Each of us were first had our scalp screened and analysed through a handheld device. From there, we found out that both of us have dandruffs and oily scalps. This is done at every visit for a personalised custom-blended formulation with either a tonic and scalp mask, or a natural clay healing treatment, to treat each individual client’s specific needs. Scalp treatment will help to combat issues such as dandruff, oily and/or sensitive scalp, hair loss, hair thinning and ageing hair. As each individual's condition differs from one another, some clients will need more sessions to be fully treated. 

The customised blend of tonic and scalp mask is made with premium plant-based ingredients such as herbs and Moringa. It contains an abundance of minerals and nutrients to produce personalised custom-blended formulations for various scalp and hair issues that promises long-lasting results. Free from sulphate and parabens, the clay therapy helps to restore health and vitality, and also rejuvenates, detoxes, nourishes and heals.

CYL's scalp treatment uses RETERN TRICHO-BLEND products - a bespoke hair solution derived from scientifically-proven herbology which is able to target and address even the rarest of hair concerns.

We went through various steps during our scalp treatment and we both enjoyed all of them done by CYL's therapists. We first received a relaxing head massage, followed by high frequency hair combing which helps to kill bacteria. CYL's therapists then applied freshly-mixed tonic and scalp mask on us and leave-on for a good ten minutes. The hair wash at CYL's was an interesting experience with technology that provides a deep cleanse to our hair and scalp.

After the wash, CYL's therapist lightly blow dried our hair before applying and massaging ampoules with essence onto us. My therapist was sweet to offer me tea and blanket.

Our scalp treatment was then completed with a comfortable warm red light therapy with infrared technology. This helps to increase blood flow in the scalp which will then encourage faster metabolism of hair follicles and promotes healing at a cellular level.

A pre- and post-treatment scalp scan allow us to see and understand our hair condition better. Jessie and i were both surprised and satisfied with our before and after results from just one single session with CYL. We took some photos of our results from the screen as proof. Comparing both before and after, it is pretty obvious that our scalp are now less red which means less sensitive and deeply cleansed where most of the dandruffs are cleared.

Before :

After :

CYL's hair extension : 

As for CYL's hair extension, each strand of fibre hair is woven using a Japanese technique. Only the best-quality fibre hair is used; each strand is also thinnest in the market, measuring only 0.06mm and weighing only 0.035mg. This is lighter than a human hair. The hair extension has a natural-looking finish that resembles real hair - soft, luscious and voluminous. It also comes in various colours to choose from - black, brown, ash, gold, red, white, peach orange, grege, ice blue, strawberry milk and lavender ash.

Made from Japan, and has passed rigorous tests for product, heat and water safety. The hair boasts special heat resistance of up to 170 degrees Celsius - as such, the styled hair extension can keep its shape for the entire day. Highly durable, it can be dyed and permed just like human hair. The process takes about 15 minutes to manage 100 roots.

This is a great and temporary solution for people with thinning hair, or for those who wants to have a more volumised hair look.

I am really happy i came and experienced the scalp treatment myself and am really thankful to the team from CYL and Brand Cellar for this opportunity rendered. The usual shampooing of our hair and scalp might not be able to thoroughly cleansed as we do not have the right equipments coupled with the right techniques at home. Do check our their website for more information and if you too would like to enjoy their spa treatment or other hair services, you may call them or make an appointment with them.

Operating Hours:
Mon – Fri: 11:00am – 8:30pm
Sat, Sun and PHs: 10:30am – 7:00pm

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Clarke Quay Central
#03-70/71/72, Singapore 059817