Tuesday, 28 April 2015

[Media Invite] BenQ - Brilliance in Quality & Design of Visual Innovation

I was really glad i got to attend the media event by BenQ last Friday morning. Very insightful, and am very impressed by their technologies as the team unveils BenQ's latest display innovations for the Asia Pacific market.

BenQ, a world-leading human technology and solutions-provider today reinforced its commitment to the Asia Pacific region by unveiling its latest range of projectors, digital signage and interactive flat panels, under the event themed:  “Brilliance in Quality and Design of Visual Innovation”.

According to projector market research firm Futuresource Consulting , BenQ has retained its position as the World’s No.1 DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector vendor for a sixth consecutive year, serving as a testament to the company’s commitment towards incorporating the best innovations into its solutions. DLP technology has now almost completely replaced film as the industry standard for movies. The technology has been known to revolutionize the way we watch movies so much that DLP technology inventor Dr. Larry Hornbeck was given an Oscar® at 2015 Academy Awards for his work. Today, more than eight out of 10 digital movie theater screens worldwide are powered by DLP technology.

To empower its users to live better, increase efficiency, feel healthier and enhance learning, BenQ has launched the following range of solutions to meet a range of user demands in the education, enterprise, retail and home entertainment sectors:

For Educational use:

RP702 Interactive Flat Panel - 70-inch Full HD 1080p interactive flat panel (IFP) display that features BenQ’s TÜV-certified Flicker-Free Technology (eliminating flickering at all brightness levels), which prevents eye strain and fatigue. It also incorporates Low Blue Light Technology to reduce harmful blue spectrum light emissions. The RP702 is also plug-and-play, with a front input interface for ease of content sharing and a 10-point interactive on-screen touch menu display for convenience. 

LW21 Digital Projector, a BlueCore Pure Laser projector that boasts up to 20,000 hour lamp life, is mercury-free and requires little to no maintenance.

MH856UST Digital Projector Full HD 1080p ultra-short-throw interactive projector in a bid to maximize interactive learning in classrooms.

For Businesses: 

MX666+ Digital Projector is the world’s first wireless business projector enabled by NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and USB connectivity. For added connectivity, a HDMI dongle is also provided to enable business meetings to be conducted in a more dynamic and productive manner, allowing users to present on the go, breaking free from the conventional presentation space.

MH740 Digital Projector Full HD projector, the brightest choice to perfect your presentation in all settings.

The New SV500 Value Digital Signage for enhanced video conferencing capabilities, this set-up provides maximum visual impact for a confident presentation.

RP840G Interactive Flat Panel with 4K resolution for superior clarity in the meeting room.

For the Retail and Food & Beverage sectors:

ST550K Smart Signage boasts of an ultra-high definition resolution of 4K2K (3840x2160), the highest standard for visual display today. Offering high image detail for the best viewing experience, the ST550K comes with a built-in Android OS and basic X-Sign signage software to empower business owners to create and design their content at their convenience.

BH280 Bar Type Display - a unique 16:3 aspect ratio and a slim structured design panel designed to fit into small spaces, allowing for a larger degree of versatility. It has been recognized by Intel and showcased at Visual Retail Technologies section in Retail World Asia 2015.

Designed for large video walls, the super narrow bezel PL460 Digital Signage can supports up to 10x10 displays via a digital daisy chain to deliver a colossal, immersive viewing experience.

DL550C Digital Signage - a 25mm standalone dual sided panel, is ideal for confined spaces for seamless video applications in all environments. (Panel is only a thumb-size thick)

BH280PL460 and DL550C are all built with industrial grade panel and supporting up to 24/7 operation with uncompromising quality for commercial displays everywhere, providing a better experience for users!

At Home:

For big screen viewing experiences in the comfort of one’s home, the beautiful BenQ W1070+ and the W1080ST+ home video projectors transform any living room into an instant home cinema. These two new Full HD projectors feature cinema-grade image quality, exceptional audio performance and delightfully easy installation to deliver captivating cinematic experiences for the whole family.

On a side note: Micro movie - 「愛很簡單,從投開始」

W1070+ Digital Projector

W1080ST+ Digital Projector

Colour display clearly shows differences between BenQ's (right) and brand X (left) where BenQ's home video projectors colour quality is closer to real life. Details are visibly clearer too!
(6-Segment Color Wheel with 6X Speed instead of the usual 3 basic primary colours)

At the event, Ms. Chee-Fui Chung, Director, APAC Business Line Management, BenQ Asia Pacific shares with us about BenQ's progress as a company over the past year as well as their business plans for years to come.

Mr. Daren Low, Senior Product Manager of BenQ Singapore then presented to us the very interesting live demo of their new innovations.

Interesting BenQ's interactive flat panel that can be turned into a whiteboard via EZWrite app without any other external device setup. It can also add or drop pictures and even record the whole learning process! 

About BenQ Corporation
Founded on the corporate vision of “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life”, BenQ Corporation is a world-leading human technology and solutions provider aiming to elevate and enrich every aspect of consumers’ lives. To realize this vision, the company focuses on the aspects that matter most to people today – lifestyle, business, healthcare and education – with the hope of providing people with the means to live better, increase efficiency, feel healthier and enhance learning. Such means include a delightful broad portfolio of people-driven products and embedded technologies spanning digital projectors, monitors, interactive large-format displays, digital cameras and camcorders, mobile computing devices, and lighting solutions. Because it matters.

It was noon after the whole walk-through of the various displays.. 
Was invited over for lunch at Happy Pancakes (10 Square @Orchard Central).

Thank you for such a lovely meal! =)

Monday, 27 April 2015

Gone a little too crazy over Shoes

First time bought 4 pairs of shoes in just two days. 3 of them were unplanned for. Anyway, i have not purchase any shoes for a long time... so why not right? Let it be a little pampering for myself for working hard the past four years.. ^^

These two essential flats (yea, Sadie Slipper again), both white and pastel mint ones are from RUBI. With their low selling price, its really hard for me to resist. I used to always buy their flats, and wore them to the office. Pretty durable actually!

Next are my favourites for the month! My plan was SAOWIA sneakers from ALDO. Loving the colour (in mostly pink and black color combination), loving the prints too! On that day of purchase, the store was having a 20% off for purchases over S$200. So, i looked around and decided to get the DEVONSHIRE wedge sandals in black. Guess my mum will like it?! =)

So, yayyy! Can start wearing new shoes soon!!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ecco x Nuyou

Was lucky to have received entry pass to attend the Ecco x Nuyou event two nights ago, 23 April at ECCO, Great World City. Met a few friends there too! =)

All attendees were given one of these pretty leather wrist tag, each with customised embossing! ^^

Artisan serious at work,

And Tada!!! Our names on! Well-crafted by their artisanal skills! ^^

A showcase of how to match outfits with ECCO's shoes and bags.
Easily dress in style in the most comfortable way! We tried on their shoes, really super comfy!

Loving this ECCO Dalaman Shopper (Pebbled leather tote),

Thank you ECCO and Nuyou for the event invites!

Wanted to go over to Zion Road food center but was too crowded there, so Elaine and i went down to the food court to settle our dinner. Had Authentic Thai food made by a Thai lady chef as recommended by Elaine. Simply yummy!

Thanks Jessie for sharing the event details and Elaine for the dinner ❣

Make-up face before i wash them off..

Still having unsettled mind..

Thursday, 23 April 2015

[Event Invite] Svenson - Shares Top Three Treatment Solutions For Hair & Scalp Problems

One of the many concern as we age is seeing our hair becoming thinner and increasing hair falls. Hence, I am more than happy to be able to attend the Summer Hair Enrichment Workshop by Svenson held at Monochrome Fusion Bistro where they shared with the attendees informative and useful tips for our everyday hair and scalp care. At the end of the session, I was also given a complimentary hair analysis to understand my current hair and scalp condition. :)

Svenson is the leading expert in solutions for hair and scalp problems and has over 40 years of trichological expertise and knowledge. Svenson offers scientific diagnosis and customized and effective solutions to almost all hair problems. Established in London, Svenson Hair Centers help men and women realise that hair loss is no longer inevitable. By combining the latest Western technology and Eastern herbal remedies, Svenson is able to reinvigorate hair growth from a healthier scalp. Operating a global network of hair centers today, there are a total of 54 branches across Asia region.

At the event, Svenson shares its three best-selling hair care treatments: Folligro, Micro-Transdermal Theraphy (MTT), and PLGA Total Solution. Using advanced technology, these customized treatments have been proven to battle various forms of alopecia to produce desired results for both men and women.

Svenson's Consulting UK Trichologist, Mr. Mark Birch presenting at the workshop,

The latest treatment to be introduced, Folligro, delivers a potent mix of vital oxygen and rich nutrients deep into the roots and stimulates greater cell regeneration and collagen production for significant including growth peptides, amino acids and vitamins.

The use of Radio Frequency (RF) promotes regeneration of tissues and hair growth, the energy is fractionally delivered in micron spots into the dermal layers of the skin via 22 uniquely-designed gold conductive pins. This RF energy causes the water molecules to vibrate at high speed, creating heat in a "tear-dropped shaped" (0.2mm in diameter) diathermy effect through each pin. The diathermy de-generates old collagen and elastic fibres, giving way to new, stronger ones, which results in regeneration of biological cell functions of the skin.

The Folligro treatment takes about 45 mins and is pain-free. The scalp is first cleansed and hair is blown dry. An Amino Peptide Solution is then applied directly on one section of the scalp, followed by immediate application of RF energy over the same section. This is repeated in sections all over the crown area before a scalp massage is performed to end the treatment.

Using a handheld micro-needle roller device with a wheel attached to the handle, the MTT treatment works by triggering the production of human growth factor. Outfitted with a total of 540 micro-needles, each of varying lengths from 0.2mm to 2.0mm, the device is rolled over the skin, causing the needles to press against the scalp tissue, resulting in minor surface wounds. The body must then work to produce new skin in the area of the wound and releases the human growth hormone, collagen and other chemicals to assist with this process. In addition, the treatment also creates a new transcellular route (microchannel) for the delivery of small doses of active ingredients of different medications, such as the Svenson MPC Solution, to enter deeper tissues.

This efficacious solution contains vitamins, amino acids, co-enzymes, minerals, hyaluronic acid, gluthathione and copper tripeptides that stimulate the growth of epitelial cells of hair bulb, inhibits catagen phase and stimulates anagen phase (new growth). This treatment is effective for common male and female baldness problems, such as male front-parietal alopecia, diffused hair loss and post-pregnancy alopecia.

After undergoing the MTT treatment, clients should avoid swimming and vigorous activities for two days and avoid excessive heat exposure, tanning under the sun, spicy food, alcohol and the sauna.

A breakthrough DIY home treatment that combines remarkable properties of the rare Loquat Leaf and nanotechnology to produce noticeably thicker, fuller looking hair for those suffering from thinning hair. The key active compound extracted from the Loquat leaf is Corosolic acid, traditionally used as a herbal medicine. This extract encourages better blood circulation and manages testosterone level, often the primary cause of hair loss.

To be applied daily after hair wash using a light head massage method on problem, clients can expect to see a gradual increase in fine, thin and thick hair growth at alopecia neurotic areas from the convenient PLGA Total Solution home treatment, from as early as two months after starting. A typical complete treatment process will take six months of consistent application.

Each of us were given a bottle of the PLGA Total Solution. They suggested to store it in a room temperature area instead of storing it in the fridge. I have sensitive scalp recently, causing it a little itch sometimes. So i tried dabbing this drops of portion on to see if it helps and yes i think it does. I don't feel my scalp itch or redness appear after application. Its very comfortable with the solution applied and am loving the pleasant smell too! :)

Svenson's NEW 5-Step Head Massage Demonstration,

Professional Tips From SVENSON

Hair & Scalp Care:
  • Shampoo daily, or twice daily, using the appropriate shampoo for your hair and scalp type
  • When applying styling products, avoid getting them on the scalp
  • When blow-drying, avoid direct strong heat and keep the blow-dryer moving
  • Brush or comb hair gently especially when wet
  • Practice daily scalp massage (Svenson's came out with their NEW 5-Step Head Massage that can be practice at work or at home to increase blood circulation to the scalp and relieve tension)
[Svenson's 5-Step Head Massage]
Step 1 - Place fingers of both hands at the forefront of your head. Massage in a slow circular motions (10 times) and press slightly harder for approx. 5 sec. before release. The pressure should be strong and yet comfortable.
Step 2 - Moving both hands a little backwards and massage head in a slow circular motions (10 times) and press slightly harder for approx. 5 sec. before release. Again, the pressure should be strong and yet comfortable.
Step 3 - Now moving both hands to the top of your head and massage using same technique used previously.
Step 4 - Repeat as step 2.
Step 5 - Repeat as step 1.

How to Spot Hair Loss:
  • Significantly more hair falls during combing, brushing and shampooing
  • Scalp feels sensitive; inflammation (redness), prone to getting itchy, oily and scaly
  • Frontal hairline starts to recede with more small "baby" hair appearing
  • Overall hair becoming more limp and lacks body or volume
  • Hair texture becomes finer and hair growth appears slower

Thank you Jessie for bringing me along!

Trichological expert says drinking coconut water helps to prevent hair loss,

Not long after, a delicious 5-course meal was served to us all,

and our meal ended off with a hearty Tiramisu! Yums!

A great night it was, hope yours was well too!
Thanks for staying by! :)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Saturday at Orchard Road

Spent my day in town..

Went to visit Rosebullet at Orchardgetway for their outlet Rosebullet X Anna Sui promo event together with Jessie and friends. Also, got myself 3 pairs of really comfy Tabio socks. A pleasure browsing through their store items and we appreciate much for the drinks as well as the shopping vouchers offered! :)

(Photo taken from Rosebullet)

Then, spent a bit of time with Jessie for lunch before heading to Diaso. Was looking for storage boxes.. and found these clear shoe boxes that are perfect to store my other skincare stuffs apart from shoes! ^^

Settled dinner at Wine Connection at Cuppage Terrace with Yang.
Tuna Salad, Parma Ham Pizza, and sweet wine. Everything was great at a reasonable price. :))