Sunday, 27 April 2014

[Review] Beauty In The Eyes (Online Korean Beauty Store)

'Beauty In The Eyes' is a newly-launched Singapore-based online beauty store that carries popular Korean beauty brands such as Innisfree, Laneige, Tony Moly, Lioele, MISSHA and Sulwhasoo. All products are directly import from Korea or their respective manufacture of origin - so its 101% assurance on safety and quality. It also caters for both local and international markets.

I like how neat and pretty the website layout is which help online shoppers feel easy to browse through..

The latest attractive offer will be shown in the Home page when user first enter! And as you can see at the right banner says, "Free Local Delivery on all orders above $50" which i think it is fairly reasonable! Hover through the different tab in their website to find out more..

With 'Beauty In The Eyes' new launch, i get to try out 2 Korean skincare products - Tomatox by Tony Moly and Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel !

Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack (80g) by Tony Moly is one of the best selling Korean skincare products which function to help detox, whiten yet at the same time hydrate your skin! A light-weight face pack that is infused with all the goodness of a Tomato that is beneficial for our skin.
Selling at S$17.85 at 'Beauty In The Eyes'
Useful product description and reviews are available
Overall packaging is too cute i would recycle it even after i finish with the essence in it, either to put other stuff or just for kitchen display. =)
Open the 'Tomato' cap and found a small spatula and a lid,
The extract smells like milk body foam, very pleasant to the skin and easy to apply.
Its thin and dries up easily (in less than 10 minutes),
Usage directions: "After cleasnsing, apply on towel-dried face and gently massage for about 1 to 2 minutes. After massaging, leave it on your face for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse out with lukewarm water and pat dry."

12 minutes is all you need!

Tomatox clears up skin by removing dead skin cells and by penetrate right into pores for deep cleansing and therefore, using twice or thrice a week is sufficient to obtain a clear, glow skin.

Love its magical multi-effects (brightening, massage and calm, and cleansing)

Due to recent lack of rest and stress from school's assignments and work, my face condition got worse with increasing Blemishes, Acne and feels very dry throughout the day. Hence, I am very thankful to have Tomatox with me now, for its wonderful ingredients acting just like a perfect Tomato!

This was taken after my first try,
Feels great after first wash! and I do believe my skin condition will be better when use weekly.

Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel (100g), cooling and soothing for the skin, perfect for warm weather like Singapore! This multi-functional Seaweed gel (as a toner, a moisturizer, or as a sleeping mask) has great soothing effect on skin (suitable even for sensitive skin) with more than 90% of seaweed extract. These natural resources from the sea provides benefits to stressed skin. It also include intensive amount of coenzyme Q10 which helps in the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Selling at S$20.65 at 'Beauty In The Eyes'
Clear description and reviews,
Here's the sweet appearance of the jar - in aqua green and pink,
Its a clear, cooling gel and gives a refreshing smell.. Like Aloe not Seaweed..
I like that its not sticky and very soothing on skin which eliminate any excuse of not applying a moisturizer everyday. It can be applied day and night, face or body! And the good thing is that there is no need to wash off after application, just like any face or body lotion!

Having tried these two products, I shall continue to explore other interesting items in their list.. :)

Start your journey with 'Beauty In The Eyes' now by simply signing up as new member!
(The only information required are login email, password and mailing address.)

According to the site, payment gateway is all via paypal (you do not need an account with paypal to make payments). Once proceed to check out your selected items, you will be directed to paypal system gateway. While Shipping will be done with either by Singapore registered post, courier delivery or their own delivery personnel. Products will be shipped within 1-3 days after payment and order has been received but do not that for every return parcel, a S$5 additional delivery fee will be imposed.

About Beauty In the Eyes:
"Beauty in the eyes is a fast growing global online beauty store that brings you the latest beatuy products from Korea and beyond. We aim to reach out to beauty minded people who want a taste of quality korean products that their well known for. At Beauty in the eyes, we believe that each single individual is entitled to beautiful radiant skin.
With that in mind, we aim to provide you with latest and most affordable products together with great customer service for your beauty and health needs."

Shop now at:

Facebook page:

Thursday, 24 April 2014

[Media Tasting] YogurBerry in Singapore!

With so many Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) available in our sunny island, Singapore, it can be difficult to decide on which brand to choose from. Among all, my first choice is definitely  Y O G U R B E R R Y !

Already a hit in many countries and currently one of the fastest growing yogurt brands, YogurBerry has its presence in 27 countries such as Korea, USA, Brazil, Dubai, China, Australia and many more.. Now available in Singapore, it is celebrating its third outlet launch at Bugis Junction! So thankful for that! =D

Before i move on to write about all the goodness of YogurBerry, lets first watch their very adorable video which can be found on Youtube;

Y-O-G-U-R-B-E-R-R-Y~ I Love YogurBerry!

YogurBerry hits the perfect balance of sweet and sour and it can be enlivened with various nuts and fresh fruit toppings. On top of that, it is the first and only yogurt brand whose products have a glycemic index (GI) lower than 19 (Food with a GI lower than 19 are generally healthier to consume). "GI is a measurement carried out on carbohydrate-containing foods and their impact on our blood sugar and low GI diets have been associated with decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, stroke, depression, chronic kidney disease, formation of gall stones, neural tube defects, formation of uterine fibroids, and various cancers."

Their yogurts are made with crystalline fructose (fruit sugar) - sugar obtained from natural fruits. This natural sweetener helps to boost the taste without adding to the calories! In fact, each serving of YogurBerry only contains 25 calories. The ultimate dessert that is low in fat, calories and contain probiotics to aid digestion.

A trip to YogurBerry is an interesting one as everything is self serve, from picking up the cups to knowing the price!
Simple instructions can be found on the wall for consumers to follow.
Beautiful yogurts station in bright lime green tone gives off a refreshing feel.

At the point of my visit, there were 8 different selection of flavours (Chocolate, Banana, Green Apple, Pineapple, Mango, Blueberry, Green Tea and Plain)! All of them were Yummylicious!

Many have mentioned Chocolate mix Banana tasted best among all, and indeed I think it is too awesome! So good, I can go for another cup!
 YogurBerry's secret in providing good yogurts, all products are freshly made in the shop everyday with fresh milk and daily organized fresh fruits and materials.

 Varieties of nuts toppings;

Granola is my new found favourite, love the crunchiness of the different nuts in Granola and it does blends well with any yogurt flavours.
Kids will love yogurt for these sweet treats - Gummy, M&Ms, Hershey's and even Oreo!
YogurBerry's yogurt contains non fat and only 98Kcal per 100g (140 Kcal / one apple), a healthy alternative than ice-cream for children.

Fresh fruits toppings are also self-serve. 
According to the boss, there will be more interesting toppings coming up to cater to our local taste buds.

Syrups for additional sweetness is available as well,

Weighing of cup once i am satisfied with the portion and toppings..
Including additional toppings and regardless of yogurt flavours, each self serve frozen yogurt cost only 30cents per 10g!
My second cup with bigger serve cost only S$6.90!

They also have Smoothies and Yogurt Parfait!

YogurBerry boasts a multitude of vitamins and fibre. It also contains only one-third of dairy fat compared with other ice-creams. There are more than 30 exciting flavours to be discovered, including Green Tea, Chocolate, Blueberry, Banana, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Mango, etc. making this a treat to be enjoyed over and over again!
Happy us with our happy treats!

With the beautiful girl, fif..

and lastly, a picture with the boss. A friendly, cheerful guy he is!

Now here's a great deal for all readers;
Simply flash this evoucher below to enjoy 1-for-1 offer ,
and once you have redeemed your yummy yogurt, do take part in winning a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones that have been worn by the likes of Michael Phelps and Han Hyo Joo! 

Simply follow these steps to win:
  • Take a picture of your creative yogurt creation
  • Post it up on your personal Instagram account
  • Hashtag "#YogurBerrySG"
  • Mention its opening at Bugis Junction!
Both 1 for 1 offer and contest ends on 30 April 2014 at 2359 hours. The winner will be announced on 5th May 2014 on YogurBerry's Facebook page.


About YogurBerry Singapore:
YogurBerry was a concept birthed in 2004 by WhoStyle Co. Ltd, a Korean company specialising in yogurt research and development. At YogurBerry, customers can get creative and customise their own desserts however they want. Each portion of yogurt is charged according to its weight; YogurBerry charges one of the lowest rates per gram for its healthy desserts.

The National University of Singapore is home to the first YogurBerry outlet in Singapore. The flagship outlet was launched in October 2013. A second outlet opened at Great World City just five months later. The company is also continuing its plans to expand in Singapore and it is commited to bringing yummy yogurts to even more locals.

Facebook page:

World Wide YogurBerry:

Outlets located at:

1. National University of Singapore (NUS), Food Junction
    Yusof Ishak House,
    21 Lower Kent Ridge Road,
    Singapore 119078

2. Great World City, Food Junction
    #B1-16/17, 1 Kim Seng Promenade,
    Singapore 237994

3. Bugis Junction, Food Junction
    #03-30, 200 Victoria Street,
    Singapore 188021

Friday, 18 April 2014

[Media Tasting] Launch of PEZZO "GODZILLA" PIZZA

PEZZO pays tribute to the World's Most Revered Monster with launch of the first-ever "GODZILLA" PIZZA

*Scroll down and read on as surprises await at the end of this post!*
In conjunction with the upcoming film, G O D Z I L L A , that is hitting theatres island-wide on 15th of May 2014, Pezzo Pizza launch its first-ever GODZILLA pizza in Singapore to celebrate the rebirth of the legendary creature.
As the name suggests, the GODZILLA pizza is filled with gargantuan portions of fresh and high quality ingredients, which includes Ground Beef, Pepperoni, Salami, Beef Balls, Beef Sausages and Turkey Ham on top of the delicious Pizza base with special Pezzo White Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese! (Meat lovers will scream for it~!) Housing 30% more ingredients than usual, the GODZILLA pizza will satisfy even those with an insatiable appetite! Its Super Value for Money!!!
Despite the mega amount of ingredients used for the pizza toppings, the GODZILLA pizza still retain the same price points as the current Pezzo's Gala Series - selling hot at $4.90 per slice and $24.90 for a full pan. And the best thing is, customers can now enjoy it with extra toppings you wish to have with NO ADDITIONAL COST!
Yes, you can request for more pizza toppings and enjoy for free if you feel that the actual serving not able to satisfy your craving fully! Woohoo~!
This special GODZILLA pizza will be available at any of the 15 Pezzo Pizza kiosks island-wide BUT only for a limited period of time from 11th of April to 31st of May 2014.
One of Pezzo's outlet located at Star Vista (Buona Vista)
So why wait? Try it now before its too late and be a fan of Pezzo Pizza, just like us!
Pictures taken after a satisfying tasting of Pezzo's Pizza! Happy dinner it was!
Got to know these lovely ladies, Amber and Pris during the media launch. =)
To make Good Friday even better, here's the great deal for you,..
In collaboration with Warner Bros. Singapore, 2 exclusive GODZILLA movie promotions at PEZZO:
1. Redeem a pair of GODZILLA movie passes with every 3 standard 14" full-pans purchased in a single receipt! Redeemable for 2 tickets for each customer per transaction at all Pezzo outlets except Pezzo Sentosa. Tickets are given on a first-come-first-served basis, while stocks last.
[Promotion period: 11th April - 31st May]
2. Flash your GODZILLA movie ticket stub to redeem a free standard Pezzo soft drink/ mineral water with every slice purchased!
[Promotion period: 15th May - 31st May]
*Note: The Management of Pezzo reserves all rights to alter or cease promotion without prior notice.

For more information about the promotions, visit or their Facebook 
For a list of Pezzo Kiosks, visit

--------------------------------- Specially for my Readers --------------------------------
Say to the friendly Pezzo staff "Pezzo is Awesome" and quote " PEZZOPIZZA07 " when ordering at the following outlets;
Esplanade/ Marine Parade/ Star Vista/ Thomson/ Bukit Panjang/ Junction8
to enjoy a special deal of "BUY 2 SLICES GET 2 SLICES FREE"
Here's my recommendation on your choice of 2nd slice;

Another hot favourite is their 'HOT CHICK' in the GALA SERIES.
Not too spicy with rich flavours and well mix of ingredients. I personally love it a lot!
[Promotion period available from 25th April to 31st May 2014, applicable to all pizza flavors]

Friday, 11 April 2014


Exactly 2 weeks gone by..
Went through one of the worst days ever, knowing that we'll never be able to see our dearest granny anymore.. 

" Thank you for everything you have done to the family, to each and every one of us. You have always been so kind and supportive in whatever things we do, putting others before self just to make sure all of us have sufficient necessities and comforts (even when days were tough). Its never easy to raise up so many of us (3 children + 2 nephews + 9 grandchildren + 2 nephews' kids) but you did well! You are the most beautiful, greatest granny in the world that anyone could ever ask and as much as we couldn't bear to know your departure, i still hope you will be safe and sound no matter where you are heading to, you will be! 很爱很爱你,我们最亲爱的 =) "

Memories be with us..
Thank you April for this pretty scrapbook made with love!!

With my little cousin, Ermilia. 
We stayed up all night, cherishing every moment with her during the last 3 days..

She mentioned she had wanted to see all of us gather together, being united as one family.
"Wish you were here with us, wish you could see this.."

"We're all travelling through time together every day of our lives.
All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride."
- Tim Lake from About Time